Your Property in Bulgaria

Your Property in Bulgaria

cheap property in Bulgaria
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In times of uncertainty, it's always prudent to have Plan B. Securing a cheap property in Bulgaria and becoming a resident can save you the hassle for issuing visas, should you decide UK is no longer your place. Sunny Bulgaria might be the spot to start looking at.

Travel conditions for the Britons are still uncertain, especially after negotiations are in dead-end. Having a small, cheap apartment or house in Bulgaria, either at the Black Sea Coast or at the mountains, entitles you to a EU residency and visa free travel within EU. Moreover, if you want to start business (or move an existing), so that you have customs free access to the EU market, you can have a solid HQ in Bulgaria.

Are there any cheap properties in Bulgaria?

You can find a property in any price range, including distressed ones. In the lower price range, could find small studios in the centres of Sofia, Varna or Burgas (the closer to the beach, the higher the prices) for as little as £30,000.

If you go a bit outside the centres or even if you look for a rural house, the value-for-the-pound increases enormously. You could have 3-4 bedroom house for around £40,000 and still within 30 min drive from the Black sea coast, international airport and big hospitals. You won't feel isolated from your loving ones, because even in rural areas you can have a Gigabit internet connection for as low as £15/month.

I need cheaper! How about under £10,000?

There are plenty of regions in Bulgaria where you can buy a house or a flat without too much additional renovation costs. You don't need to compromise with the proximity to bigger cities. A town such as Smyadovo, is close enough to the coast and only 15 min drive from Shumen (regional administrative centre) and still you could find a property under £10,000.

Benefits of owning a property in Bulgaria

  • EU residency: visa-less stay more than 3 months in sunny Bulgaria for your holidays
  • EU registration for your private/company vehicle: change your driving licence, licence number pates of your car to a Bulgarian ones.
  • Cheaper car insurance, as a bonus for being a Bulgarian resident.
  • Cheaper cost of living

Interested in buying property in Bulgaria?

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