ADR: transportation of dangerous goods by road in EU

As a member of EU, Bulgaria has adopted the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, also known as ADR. The transportation of dangerous cargo by road is regulated thoroughly by this agreement, but some specifics in the regulation are delegated to the national legislation and authorities.

Bulgarian Agency  "Transport Administration" has adopted a regulation of what a transport company needs to do/not do in order to be able to carry/load/unload dangerous cargo. First of all, the carriage company needs to obtain transportation license by the Agency. Dangerous goods require special treatment therefore a special permit needs to be issued by the Agency if the company carries dangerous materials.

The main prerequisite for obtaining the permit is hiring a dedicated employee who will consult on every stage of the transportation process. This employee has to attend and successfully take special exams organized by the Agency "Transport Administration". The consultant receives an ADR certificate which is for the particular category of dangerous materials that the exam has covered.

Secondly, the truck drivers also need special qualification in order to be able to drive dangerous cargo. They also need to sit a test and successfully take it in order to be able to practice that job. Each driver is allowed to drive only that category of dangerous material for which he/she has taken the exam. The driver receives a special ADR certificate which is recognized abroad.

The vehicles that carry the dangerous cargo has to meet the ADR requirements too. I will provide details on the vehicle requirements in a future post.

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