Balchik Golf Heights - another struggling development?

Varna region is one of the last one standing against property developer's bankruptcy. However more and more of them are having financial difficulties and thus causing failure on development deadlines and breaching buyers contracts. Balchik Golf Heights seems to have been affected by the financial difficulties too.

Buyers have been purchasing and legally guided by a big Spanish law firm. Normally it doesn't make sense Spanish law firm to deal with Bulgarian laws. This has negative consequences to the buyer, namely preliminary purchase offplan agreements that have bad clauses for the buyers.  Buyers were not provided with proper information and regular update on the development. There is huge lack of communication between the parties.  Now the credit crunch have been suffocating the Balchik Golf Heights developers, buyers are thinking of fighting for their right fore refund. The deadline is way back the scheduled completion of the buildings.

Being based in Varna, our lawyers are helping buyers with legal problems  related to Balchik Golf Heights. More information can be obtained upon email request.

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