Balchik Golf Heights woes

[NB]: Please read Mike's comment below for more accurate information.

Since the developer of Balchik Golf Heights was forced to insolvency procedure, the developer continues to struggle. It turns out that even the sole owner of the capital of Varna Estates Ltd. - KMB Best of Bulgaria Properties and Services Ltd. (company No 131280900) - has also entered bankruptcy procedure. This makes collection of any creditor's money difficult since the court fees for the bankruptcy administrator for both companies has to be paid by its creditors. Both procedures have been stalled because neither the insolvent companies, nor the creditors are able to pay the court and administrator fees. The proceedings will be stalled for 1 year. If they  are not renewed accordingly, the companies will be dissolved automatically by the court and nobody will get refund. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of mass bankruptcy wave of property developers that will follow.

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