Bulgarian lawsuit procedure: what to expect

If you happen to be a party in a lawsuit in Bulgaria, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Don't be impatient. Bulgarian Civil Proceedings Code regulates certain terms that have to be taken into consideration
  2. The weakest part in a lawsuit is the delivery of subpoenas. All the papers which have to be delivered to the parties, are carried by employees of the court called "призовкари" (subpoena carriers) . The delivery employees are not limited to delivery terms, as the law assumes that there may be troubles finding the parties. That's why a typical subpoena delivery may take about a month.
  3. When a lawsuit is filed, there is one month period, which has to pass, before the judge sets a date for the first hearing. This is a period in which the defendant has to submit an answer to the claim. Please note that this period starts, as from the day the claim was delivered to the defendant.(See point 2 above)
  4. The judge may "stretch" the lawsuit in several hearings, depending on how complicated is the case. Usually lawsuits have two or three hearings. The time between the hearings depends on the caseload of the particular judge. Usually its one or two months.
  5. When the lawsuit is announced for resolving by the judge, there is a one month term during which the judge has to issue the court resolution.
  6. If the resolution is not appealed, it enters into force and you may engage a law enforcement agent.
Of course the above is just a brief explanation of the lawsuit procedure in Bulgaria, but basically you don't have to push your lawyer,because not everything depends on him/her.

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