Because of the speculations, I decided to write this small post. I will try to clear out whether an EU citizen can buy regulated land directly in Bulgaria as from January 2012.

A common misunderstanding is that foreigners cannot buy regulated land directly if they own primary home in their native country. This was valid until 2012, but not any more. The legal grounds are Art. 29a of the Ownership Act:

Entities in Art. 29 para 2, who do not reside permanently in Republic of Bulgaria, can acquire land for secondary home property after expiration of the term, set forth by the conditions of the Treaty for Accession of Bulgaria to the European Union

The above articles was introduced in 2007, the year when Bulgaria joined EU. As I have written last year the prohibition term was 5 years since Bulgaria’s accession. As from January 2012, the prohibition term has expired, so pursuant Art. 29a Ownership Act, foreigners can buy regulated land directly, no matter if it is primary or secondary home property.

The speculation still exists, but I think this is supported by property agents who lose business. Just imagine how many companies will be liquidated and how many annual accounts and tax declaration will not have to be submitted. Property agents need to move on and stop spreading disinformation.

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  • muhammad munir 15 May 2012 Reply


    good day hope you will fine i want to do some compnay and investment kind give us assistance

  • John Anderson 13 March 2013 Reply

    Can foreigner own not regulated land (for Agricultural) ?

    • Milen Hristov 13 March 2013 Reply

      Hi John, a foreigner can own non-regulated land only through a company. After 2015 it will be possible to own it on personal name.

  • Steve Bull 3 April 2013 Reply

    I have been researching the internet, contacting agents and asking questions on forums. I am still confused about ownership of regulated land or house with land in Bulgaria by a foreigner (not EU citizen). I have received vague information through a forum that if a foreigner wants to buy only one property he does not need to register a Bulgarian Limited Company. Do I need to register a Bulgarian Limited Company to buy a house with land?

    Regards, Steve

    • Milen Hristov 4 April 2013 Reply

      Hi Steve,

      NON-EU citizens need a company to own land. If you will be buying apartment/house but without the land – you can buy directly without a company. If you are citizen of EU member state – you don’t need to form a limited company.

      • Steve Bull 5 April 2013


  • bedros 21 March 2016 Reply

    Hi can you update us how can a non-EU citizen buy an agricultural land?
    What if this citizen buys a Bulgarian company that owns ana agricultural land, is this a way to own that land? Thanks

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