Cargo and Passenger Transportation at Own Expense

The regime for transportation of cargo and passengers at the expense of the vehicle owner is regulated by  Council Regulation (EEC) No 684/92 of 16 March 1992 and consequently amended with Council Regulation (EC) No 11/98 of 11 December 1997. In general, the regulation of this type of transportation follows in a straightforward way, the aforesaid regulations.

As a summary I can point out just the main difference between the two type of transportation:

  1. Transportation at own expense and
  2. Occasional transportation (paid)

1  doesn't require transportation license but requires a certificate. The regime for obtaining such certificate is quite straightforward - just enclose all necessary documents and notify the Executive Agency for Vehicle Administration. You need such certificate if your company owns a vehicle (bus or truck) and delivers cargo/passenger, but for the purpose of your own company and not for third parties against pay. In short, you don't offer transportation to third parties for money.

2 requires transportation license. The regime involves providing a proof of financial stability of the company and numerous additional requirements that need to be met, before the license is granted. You will need such license if you offer transportation services to third parties as main commercial activity (for pay)

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