Cargo truck drivers have problems with Bulgarian Transport Police

The main cargo road between Western Europe and Turkey goes through Bulgaria. The increased trade consequently leads to increasing land cargo transportation, mainly by trucks. Because Turkish transport companies are not very much familiar with the Bulgarian transport laws, they usually have problems with the Traffic police.

The usual problem are speeding, not having the right cargo and truck documents, lack of tachograph (or not working properly) etc. If the driver is stopped by the Traffic police/Transport authority and defaults in the truck/cargo/documents are found, the driver and the transport company will be fined and issued a penalty document ("akt").

In that case the transport company will need a lawyer to take care of the legal formalities and appeal the fine/penalty. A fine to the transport company or to the driver are clearly putting a bad mark on the trade and business of the company. Therefore a lawyer could be of big help. Usually the penalty forms have formal mistakes and when challenged in court the penalties are canceled.

The lawyer will find the formal mistakes in the penalty document and will ask the court to cancel it. This will result returning of any money paid for the penalty.

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