Changing the property management company

If you are not satisfied with your current property management company, there is a way you can replace it with another, diligent one. The process is regulated by the newly adopted Condominium Ownership Management Act. First you need to know that if you are owner in closed apartment complex, the only valid form of the management agreement is written notarized agreement. Agreement which are simply signed are not legally valid. This agreement shall also be registered with the Land Registry. This is stipulated in Art. 2 of the act:

Article 2. (1) The management of common areas of buildings under condominium ownership arrangements in closed-type residential complexes shall be agreed by written contract with notarially certified signatures, concluded between the investor and the owners of individual units.
Pursuant to the new Condominium Act the condominium is managed by a body called General Assembly of the owners or association of owners. Basically it has the powers of a General Meeting in a company. One of the most important powers the General Assembly of the owners is stipulated in Art.11, para 1 point 11 :
Article 11. (1) The General Assembly: .......... 11. may adopt a decision to assign maintenance works on the common areas of the building to a legal entity or natural person in return for remuneration, also establishing the specific powers of the Managing Council (Manager), which can be assigned for implementation by these persons;

This means that the General Assembly can vote to replace the current property management company with  another one when certain requirements are not met or there is another important reason for that.

You can read the full Condominium Ownership Management Act HERE

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