If you are reading this, you are probably one of the many English people who think that they’ve lost their life savings in off-plan properties, offered by “Bulgarian Dreams” in the UK. I guess it will be interesting for you to know some facts and tips about the “Bulgarian Dreams” saga in Bulgaria. I’ve acquired all that information during the preparation of several claims against Bulgarian developers.

Here are some legal remarks on Bulgarian Dreams’ commercial strategy:

FIRST, you’ve got the “Bulgarian Dreams” office in the UK – a middle-man (a property agent) who sells off-plan properties in Bulgaria, mostly to English people. All payments (property installments) are being made through that middle-man. That is probably due to specific tax issues. Please pay attention to the fact that the actual name of the company is “Berkely Square Trading Ltd.” and Bulgarian Dreams is just a “trading as” name.

If it ever happens that you have to pay property installments to Bulgarian Dreams, always keep your bank transfer excerpts. You may need them later. Make sure you’ve got them stamped by the bank too. I strongly recommend that you DON’T use cheques or cash. However if you do so, make sure you get a proper receipt (original signature by the manager of BD).

SECOND, always remember that you have in fact signed an agreement with a Bulgarian developer company and NOT with Bulgarian Dreams. This means that if you have to sue somebody, it will be the Bulgarian developer and NOT Bulgarian Dreams.

THIRD, always consult a lawyer. Don’t sign any annexes or additional agreements with BD or the Bulgarian developer. Usually Bulgarian Dreams and the Bulgarian developer put a clause in the annex which guards their position of a defaulting party – they mislead you to sign a clause on which ground you agree not to have any future claims based on their construction delay. Read your annex or additional agreement EXTREMELY CAREFULLY.

FOURTH, Bulgarian Dreams works with many Bulgarian developers (about 4-5 companies) building in Kavarna, Bansko, Pamporovo, Sofia. Some of the delayed  developments are “Windows to Paradise”, “the Orchard”, “Cedar Heights”, “Cedar Lodge” etc.

FIFTH, the preliminary purchase agreements are just “preliminary”, which means that you don’t have any actual rights over the property descried in the agreement. The only right you have is to claim your money back and to claim reimbursement (compensation, interest, penalty).

SIXTH, remember that the developer might have possibly misled you. I mean that most of my clients think that “apartment completion” means all furniture installed. This is TOTALLY WRONG UNDERSTANDING. If you read carefully your preliminary agreement, you will see that the furniture has to be provided by a different company (usually registered in the UK). Te ONLY obligation the developer has is TO BUILD YOUR APARTMENT.

SEVENTH, another misleading issue is the stage at which ownership has to be transferred to you. Bulgarian Dreams’ sample preliminary agreements usually state that you are obliged to accept ownership transfer at the stage of Act 15. I bet  that 99% of you have not paid attention to that issue. You should consult a lawyer before signing under such a clause. I’ve got a great explanatory post about what exactly each number of the “construction Acts” means. You should know that you cannot live or reside in you apartment before the building has obtained Act 16 (habitation certificate / completion certificate). Once you’ve got the property transferred at stage Act 15, the developer has no reason to hurry and obtain Act 16 for you. That’s why you may have troubles, getting a lawful status of your apartment.

EIGHT, most buyers are now growing suspicious because no adequate feedback is provided to them. The developers are hiding like rats. They refuse to talk, to provide construction documents (although they are obliged to do it), they cannot be found at their registered company address. It’s a fact and nobody can dispute it! Lots of buyers are afraid that they might lose their life savings invested in the above said developments.

NINTH, think of filing a lawsuit as soon as possible. You never know how much money is left in the developer’s bank accounts. Moreover, if you hire an experienced lawyer, who is aware of BD’s scheme in details, you may be lucky to get all of your money back.

and TENTH don’t let yourself be fooled about the judicial system of Bulgaria. Judges in Bulgaria don’t defend fraudulent companies, that’s for sure!

So what’s the best way to go? You have two options:

  1. You just wait and see how your money disappears into a suspicious Bulgarian construction developer and you do nothing about it.
  2. You sue the developer and have the chance to get your money back.

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  • Red King 18 November 2008 Reply

    What are the chances of getting all or some of the money back?

    • Pi sedoff 22 August 2015 Reply


      • Ian McNulty 31 March 2016

        there is a chance that you can claim back some of the money you invested, if you bought the property by taking a second mortgage out on your UK home to pay for the property, you may be entitled to compensation. why dont you send me an email and i will point you in the right direction. i already know of clients that i referred that have received money back

  • lindy sykes 18 November 2008 Reply

    Having problems with Bulgarian Dreams, paid in full 2 years ago for a property on Windows to Paradise, nothing still happening and now they say they are washing their hands of the developers and leaving us to sort it out, what can we do now, whats left for us to do, can we get our money back at all. And help would be great

  • Eddie Kent 18 November 2008 Reply

    I have be also done, we are trying to get money back about ?10,000 after we were told our apartment in Sofia had been stopped. We had one part payment. We have also been told that we have to deal with developers. Is there nothing that can be done about Bulgarian Dreams and the way they trade

  • Milen Hristov 18 November 2008 Reply

    @Red King: The chances are good as long as the developer has assets. The more you wonder what to do and wait for any out of court resolution, the less chances you have.

    @Lindy Sykes: Remember that Bulgarian Dreams are just middle man. Bulgarian Dreams take part in your preliminary agreement only as payment intermediary and nothing more, e.g. the bank account through which you pay to the developer e.g. Berkely Square Trading Ltd‘s account. Basically you can’t do anything to Bulgarian Dreams, because they are UK company and they have no obligation according to the preliminary agreement. You can try to do something in the UK. What you can DO is to defend your rightful position against the developer in Bulgaria. Alas, this can be done only through court procedure.

    @Eddie Kent: Please see my answer to Lindy Sykes. Again, remember that you have signed an agreement with a Bulgarian developer and not with Bulgarian Dreams. You should see if there is a clause in your preliminary agreement, which entitles you to terminate it unilaterally on the basis of builder’s delay. That’s the only way you could claim you money back.

    If all people who have suffered damages caused by Bulgarian Dreams deals unite and do something in the UK, I can provide some Bulgarian company information to support your case, like connections between developer’s partners and Bulgarian Dreams’ partners. If you get the hole picture you see that in all BD developments, there are 3 or 4 persons involved in all the constructions.

  • Moana Mackenzie 19 November 2008 Reply

    We are in the same predicament; letters arrived today announcing that BD are no longer willing to act as the middleman between us and the developer for Windows to Paradise and Cedar Heights 3. We are also in the process of purchasing an appt in “The Residence” in Sofia. Feeling very very scared and have no idea where to go to from here. From our online searches, it seems that there are a huge number of people who are in the same situation. Perhaps we should organise getting together as a group and seeking representation rather than acting individually?

    Please advise

  • Milen Hristov 19 November 2008 Reply

    @Moana Mackenzie: If you are going to sign any title deeds it is good idea to turn to independent lawyer (not recommended by BD or the developer). Common practice of developers is to “wash hands” by transferring at the stage of Act 15 and leaving all buyers to handle the documentation about obtaining Act 16. You can confirm that, because I see that you are a buyer in Cedar Heights 3 in Pamporovo.

    Sadly, each of the buyers, who does not possess title deed, has to deal with the developer on his own. Unfortunately your case does not fall under the “group claims” regulation of Civil Proceedings Code.

    Those who have purchased and possess title deed has the opportunity to gather and file a group claim against the developer claiming reimbursement for delay. If there are such persons, please contact me and I can arrange a group claim for you. A group claim will be cheaper for you, unfortunately there are some mandatory conditions which will have to be present.

  • WTP- Investors 19 November 2008 Reply

    We as buyers in Windows to Paradise, are forming a group, so that we can claim as a group. Anybody that wants to join, please email us, proiding your flat number and Phase. Email: wtp@live.co.uk

  • Cathy 19 November 2008 Reply

    We have purchased in Windows to Paradise Phase 1, have paid all monies but don’t have the deeds. Does this mean we have to act alone? We have been told we need to pay 10,000? up front to a bulgarian solicitor before we can pursue the developer in the courts. Is this correct?

  • Milen Hristov 19 November 2008 Reply

    @WTP-Investors: According to the Bulgarian legislation, if you claim as a group (but don’t have title deeds for the property), the group claim will be rejected by the court. Let me explain why. The court may accept all your individual claims in one hearing, only if you have purchased on the ground of one single agreement (one and the same legal ground). As you are many people having many single agreements, there is no legal way you can file a group claim in Bulgaria. Each of you has to file a separate claim. Of course, the first who won, may “borrow” the court resolution, so a litigation practice can be established for the particular situation.

    Group claims, by means of the Civil Proceedings Code, are applicable only in situation when:

    1. The defendant has made a law violation. In your case it’s a breach of the agreement and not law violation.

    2. The number of the people who have suffered damages cannot be exactly defined. In your case, these are the people who have bought in WtP, and their number is known.

    You can group and act together in the UK, regarding Bulgarian Dreams, but as for actions against the developer in Bulgaria, you can only undertake group out-of-court actions.

    @Cathy: As I wrote above, you can try, but I’m sure your group claim will be rejected and you will lose your fees. EUR 10,000 for attorney fee is totally unrealistic, the fees are much smaller! You can contact me an I will give you the real numbers for such representation.

  • WTP- Investors 19 November 2008 Reply


    Please contact us at wtp@live.co.uk so that we can share any info and maby try to come up with a solution.
    Milen we will cntact you in due course

  • Mark Legge 19 November 2008 Reply

    I have the deeds and have paid all moneys for my apartment Windows to Paradise, phase 1, can I ask you what my options are now. I have paid for an apartment in a development that is unfinished and has no onsite facilities and utilities, Your assistance is appreciated, Many Thanks

    • Debbie Ungi 24 April 2019 Reply

      Hi Mark, we spoke many times in the past but re WTP.is there any news. We bought D14 & D15

  • JB 19 November 2008 Reply

    I am in the same situation as Cathy in that I have paid in full for an apartment in Phase 2 but not yet recieved any deeds. From what I understand from the above, I can’t actually get involved in a group claim. What can I do??

  • Richard Motie 19 November 2008 Reply

    I have purchased in Windows to Paradise Phase 2, Apartment L34, so far have paid ?22000 in installments. Have had many phonecalls with Bulgarian Dreams and their customer care team in Bulgaria regarding delays and lack of progress. I have all my transcations and preliminary contract. Could you please advise on a course of action.

  • Christopher Boos 20 November 2008 Reply

    I think I have title Deeds and have paid in full including funiture.Where does that leave me. Christopher E12 phase I

  • james 23 November 2008 Reply

    I have paid 50% down on an apartment in The Orchard (phase 2). This was supposed to be completed in August 2008 but due to delays this has even been started yet, It doesn’t even have planning permission! Could I try to sue the developer yet? My contract states I can pull out if the apartment is more than 6 months late.

  • susan G 26 November 2008 Reply

    I was purchasing in windows to paradise phase 1 but the studio NEVER WAS built they reduced the plans by two floors so i lost out. But they have my money still. The cancellation contract expired in September so they are now in breech of contract , still no money and i have lost heart any advice ?

  • Cedar Heights 3 Owners Group 2 December 2008 Reply

    Some owners of apartments in Cedar Heights 3 have set up an Owners Group (CH3OG). This is a group of owners, who discuss and share what knowledge they have of the Cedar Heights 3 complex specifically and generally anything that may affect their properties, either owned in full or part paid, etc.

    If you own an apartment in CH3 and wish to join the group, please email- cedarheights3ownersgroup@googlemail.com

  • Alex 2 December 2008 Reply

    I have also bought at WTP in phase 1 and have title deeds also. what is the best course of action now for me?

  • Alex 2 December 2008 Reply

    What will happen to the development if it half finished. Do you think it is possible for it ever to be completed? ie WTP

  • Robert 3 December 2008 Reply


    I paid 50% down for apt. L52, WTP Phase 2 . Building L is down up to the roof level containing the main walls but that is it. I was there actually and saw it. It looks that it is never going to be finished. I only have the preliminary contract and the confirmation of payments. I contated Interlink but they told me that they do not accept my cancellation notice and will not pay back my money either. I guess my last chance is lawsuite isn’t it? If so how can I start that?. Thanks

  • Donal 12 December 2008 Reply


    I also purchased a studio in Cedar Heights III and have obtained a title deed. I would like to join any group action for damages

    Regards Donal

  • loz 13 December 2008 Reply

    I have been advised not to sign the title deeds and then go for breach of contract, as you mentioned earlier, is this correct.
    You should see if there is a clause in your preliminary agreement, which entitles you to terminate it unilaterally on the basis of builder’s delay. That’s the only way you could claim you money back.

  • Milen Hristov 13 December 2008 Reply

    The problem is the lack of information, both about the financial status of the investor companies and about the construction status of the buildings.

    Interlink (WtP’s investor) are hiding information from their buyers – no one is willing to present the construction papers to the apartment buyers, nor willing to admit that this development might be a mistake (financial and marketing miscalculation of budget of the builder). IF you look carefully at your preliminary agreements, you will see that the seller is obliged to present information about the progress of the construction. So far, nobody can make the sellers present this information. I wonder, why they hide it so desperately?

    Regarding the inquiries of those of you, who wonder what to do, I can only advise you to measure the risk yourself. I second my opinion, that each of you should decide what actions should undertake. I don’t have information about the financial status of the sellers, nor I have the documents about the construction phase.

    The latter can be obtained only in court procedure with or without the seller’s consent. Having in mind the above, I can’t estimate whether you can get your money in full after you win the case. It only depends on the financial status of the debtor (the seller) at the time when the court resolution is issued.

    As for the comment above that it’s better not to have a title deed, I have to oppose that. My advise is to obtain the title deed – this way you will become an owner. Otherwise you will be a possessor of a plain paper with rights that cannot be executed (if the company has no funds after you win the lawsuit)

  • Paul Hurley 14 December 2008 Reply

    Please advise soonest – we hold title deeds and have seen our completed apartment with the furniture inside. Can we take possesion of the apartment to make sure we don’t lose our furniture in a mysterious manner and are we able to change the locks etc??

    Would also like to join any group to further investigate

    Rgds Paul Hurley

  • Milen Hristov 16 December 2008 Reply

    Mr. Hurley,

    you can take the possession over the apartment when you ask the developer to hand you the keys. If they refuse to do that, there is a court way that can be used to get the possession.

  • Milen Hristov 16 December 2008 Reply

    A lot of people are contacting me regarding this case. I have to make some clarification about the situation and the costs involved.

    It will be difficult, even pointless to search for experienced attorney who will work on the basis of “no win, no fee”. This is not accepted amongst Bulgarian lawyers. The attorney fee is based on the claim amount and has to be calculated for each particular case. If the attorney fee seems to you high, don’t bother hiring a lawyer then. Just wait and watch “your” property be taken by the banks. I’m putting “your” in quotes because you are NOT an owner until you sign the title deed. If you have only a preliminary agreement, you will be left only with that
    plain paper and the memories of the paid money.

    What I mean is that if you don’t value lawyer’s work, you probably will lose everything. Be advised that you should have consulted a lawyer before signing those preliminary agreements. It’s because some of you thought they can manage without a lawyer, they have found themselves in this situation. The same mistake is made again – not valuing the lawyer’s work. If you don’t hire a lawyer now, there is a great chance you won’t see your money any more.

  • Dave Nash 16 December 2008 Reply

    I have a solicitor in BULGARIA -[moderated]”S.D” an Attorney at Law. From your experience would S. be a good solicitor to pursue a claim against Laguna Invest Ltd, the developer for Waterside Quay. I have used him for the conveyancing/contracts and would nlike to use him for this possible claim against Laguna Invest due to incomplete building. Dave

  • loz 16 December 2008 Reply

    So what would your charges be?

  • Milen Hristov 17 December 2008 Reply

    @Dave Nash: If you are satisfied with your solicitor so far, go ahead and use him.

    @loz: The attorney fee is calculated for each individual case. Besides, it’s not professional and ethical to discuss that in public.

  • JuanC 18 December 2008 Reply

    Well, I am also on the verge of starting a case after my lawyer received a preliminary decision by the court to freeze some of the assets of the developer. Now I am entering a guaranty in the court and I will freeze these assets. Without such action there is no point to go to court because at the end if You have a positive decision there won’t be assets left from which to get Your money.

  • Sohail 19 December 2008 Reply

    I have purchased a flat in Waterside Quay, Balchik. I am afraid I am one of the many who have either paid in full or certain percentage of money. Mr Hristov, I would appreciate if you could please email me personally on my email to discuss the legal action against lguna Invest Ltd and also Bulgarian Dreams in London. I also suggest that we all investors should get contact news media and publicise our situation and expose Bulgarian Dreams who gave us all sureties about this development and all other developments. So, if anyone wants to follow this action, please write your views on the web and then we can coordinate. i have also found out that the Supreme Court would be making a decision in Jan 09, on the construction of Waterside.

    Investor in Waterside Quay, Balchik

  • Milen Hristov 21 December 2008 Reply

    @JuanC: You are a reasonable person. Unfortunately most of the buyers don’t want to “throw” more money away for securing their claims.

  • Julia Doherty 30 December 2008 Reply

    I have been asked to email you on behalf of my frient Julia Doherty:-
    Hello I am in a similar situation as all of you, as I own an apartment at the windows of paradise complex. Does anyone have any information about the completion of the site? Or the whereabouts of the developer…OR if the premises are still being managed? Also does anyone know if the water and electrics have been connected and how do we obtain a key to enter the main building and apartment?
    Thank you all in advance!

  • Dario 5 January 2009 Reply

    I am currently in contact with around 250 owners of Bulgarian Dreams properties.

    I own an apartment in Cedar Lodge II, Bansko and also run a website called offplancollective.com where owners can discuss their issues in private.

    If you are an owner, then please come to this forum where you can discuss and share issues with other genuine owners.

    Feel free to contact me directly. You will find me contact details on the website.

  • S Donovan 8 January 2009 Reply

    To all of you worried people, I would suggest looking for these subjects on the many expat forums. There are even more people like you on these sites, coordinate yourselves, unite and fight. I have properties in Bg but did not buy through Bulgarian Dreams. I have no problems with my properties at all but I am dismayed to read about all of you that have. I went to a propery seminar 5 years ago held by Bulgarian Dreams in London, spokesperson the red haired XX Jenkin, the founder of the company. It was clear he knew nothing of what he spoke and quickly exited the stage when he had finished his monologue but before anyone could ask any questions.

    As someone else has said on here, its vital to get the monies of this company and deveolpers FROZEN so that there is money in the pot to pay you folks back. I wish I could help you, this is a disgraceful situation!!

  • Milen Hristov 8 January 2009 Reply

    S Donovan and JuanC are right to a certain scale. It will be safer for you to get some assets frozen. BUT this is just on theory and it’s a common sense. In practice, things are not so straightforward.

    If you want to seize assets of the company before you file an application for issuing the so called inchoate lien (the literal translation from Bulgarian should be “security of the claim”). This is tempting, but there are few uncertainties:

    • You have to know what particular assets you want to seize. This means that you have to check all of the assets of the company which is not an easy task. The most obvious would be the real estate properties, if not seized by the banks already.
    • You have to present before the judge very convincing written evidence, that you won’t be able to get your money back after you win the lawsuit. Again you need to obtain some really strong evidence in writing.
    • If you don’t possess such evidence in writing, than the judge will require that you deposit to the court bank account certain amount of money, which will serve as pledge for reimbursement of the defendant if the latter wins the case and has suffered damages from the inchoate lien. The exact amount of the deposit is only at judge’s discretion. It cannot be predicted.

    Now you can see that it’s not so easy to get inchoate lien. You really have to be backed up with evidence. Those of you who has such evidence in writing should take advantage of the inchoate lien.

  • Paul Hurley 10 January 2009 Reply

    Thankyou for answering question posted previously – although act 15 is where we have paid in full for our apartment and have title deeds – do we in fact own this apartment, if so can you clarify if the building has a likihood of ever being finished and granted act 16. Does the local council have influence to pressurise property companies to complete as it is damaging the local economy as nobody wants to buy or visit due to problems,
    Also is there a fair timescale for building completon to allow for act 16 to be completed
    Also please send info for further action you can start from your experience ?

  • ian woodruff 12 January 2009 Reply

    I paid over ?13,000 in may 2007 to reserve plot p32 on phase 3 at windows to paradise.Over the period since i contacted Bulgarian dreams asking for updates and indeed when construction would actually commence and was always given various different answers, then, subsequently i was informed in November 2008 that Bulgarian dreams were no longer involved with the development and that we should no longer contact them.please could you advise me of the best way go about retrieving my money as i have no confidence in investing in this project anymore, and indeed if your company are prepared to take my case on for me.

  • Darren 14 January 2009 Reply

    I put my deposit down for the Orchard Phase 1 in 06 and paid for my furniture pack. I cannot get hold of Bulgarian Dreams but have mailed the lawyer for Smartpartners, the developer,for an update . I am considering legal action and contacting the BBC watchdog to track down Mr Jenkins

  • Dave Nash 14 January 2009 Reply

    I have been speaking/emailing my Bulgarian Solicitor as per previous email to you and he states that there is a requirement to pay a 4% (4 per cent) state fee of the amount claimed, if I decide on court action. What is this for, is it correct and why is it so much ie in my case about Euro 1500.
    Acording to Svetoslavt cld take 2 – 3 years for a Court case to be finalised with no guarantee whatsoever,even thou there are many breeches of the contract. Is there any way of speeding this process up. By the way my solicitor is charging me Euro 3000 for the whole court process, is this about the right figure for a approximate Euro 28000 claim?


  • susan blazek 15 January 2009 Reply

    i don’t know what this means but i have paid all payments except on on apt in iskar, sofia what now?

  • JuanC 15 January 2009 Reply

    Do you the reason why Bd are no longer involved with Windows to Paradise? Because they have stolen 800 000 Euros from the developer Interlink Bg. I am a Buyer at the same complex, together with one apartment at other problem Bd development-Orchard. Do not invest any more money, because the complex will not be finished, try to get your money back by starting legal actions against them.

  • ian woodruff 16 January 2009 Reply

    Thank you for your reply, can you provide any more details as to whats happened between BD and Interlink and what you feel the best course of action to retrieve my money,is there any legal action between these two companies relating to this alleged theft ?.

  • Milen Hristov 16 January 2009 Reply

    Paul Hurley: As from my experience (mostly in Bansko) developer companies are closely related to the local authorities. I had very bad experience in the Construction Department in Bansko Municipality, where I was refused any information on non-existing legal grounds( they referred to a law that don’t exist) about the construction files of the Orchard. The clerks were not cooperative at all. Obviously they work together with the defaulting developer. So the only chance I get the documents is through court. On February I will have more information.

    Ian woodruff: The only way remains the court proceedings, otherwise the bank can get the possessions and you will lose your money.

    Dave Nash: Indeed, the court fee is 4% of the claim amount. This is mandatory as per the court fees Tariff. The fee has to be paid prior to submitting the claim to court, otherwise the judge will not review the documents. The attorney fee that your solicitor quoted is a the common fee for that claim amount.

    Suzan Blazek: You have paid the whole amount, you should contact the developer so you close the deal. If they refuse, there is a way to make the preliminary agreement a final one.

    JuanC: Bulgarian Dreams steals from Interlink BG? IMO this is moving the funds from the left pocket to the right one. Bear in mind that Maria Georgieva is a Partner in Bulgarian Dreams AND simultaneously she is a Manager of Interlink BG. Someone should check BD Investment S.A. (a partner in Interlink)- a Cypriot company. I bet it’s connected to Maria or XX.

  • susan blazek 16 January 2009 Reply

    i have one payment to make on the apt., at iskar …. BD say they are just slow and they are still working on the external part of the building but iam nervous … i also have paid for half the furniture package ……

  • Milen Hristov 16 January 2009 Reply

    Susan Blazek: I would recommend you to contact the developer personally and not communication through BD.

    At the attention of all who have bought in the Orchard, Bansko. Please check this post below. Today I have made some picture of the development:

    Check here: http://mhlegal.eu/blog/orchard-development-is-it-ready-for-habitation/

  • ian woodruff 17 January 2009 Reply

    what chance to you feel i have of retrieving my money through the courts and how much do you think this may cost?, with this in mind would you be willing to represent me in this matter?

  • Jane Delve 17 January 2009 Reply

    I have purchased an appartment in WTP phase 1. I have completed, have the title deeds and bulstat registration card. I am interested in joining the group claim. Please can you let me know what the costs are likely to be?

  • Claire Lee 17 January 2009 Reply

    We have paid all of our monies for W2P Phase 1 and sent over all the relevant documentation to our Lawyer, Storning EOOD, Diana Lazarova in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was recommended to us by Bulgarian Dreams to represent us before the notary and send the title deeds however we are unable to get hold of this company having paid them 1000 euros for their services. Is anyone else having problems with this company or have used them to obtain their title deeds? Is anyone any further on making a claim against the developer for monies paid.

    Thanks in advance

  • Karla 18 January 2009 Reply

    @Susan Blazek: I also have one payment left on an apartment in Iskar Central building, and have paid in full for furniture package. When did you last hear from BD? I am going to try contact the developer directly this week. If you want to share information on what we both know, or more likely what we don’t know! Please email me at karlanne99@gmail.com

    I stumbled across this site searching for “Bulgarian Dreams” and I’m a bit shocked by the above. I was led to believe they are a reputable company and an award winning leader in Bulgarian property investments. I have not been able to get in contact with BD over the last few days, does anyone know if they are even still in business?

  • JuanC 18 January 2009 Reply

    Hi Milen! You are right that they are connected. There are more than 10 companies connected with Bulgarian dreams, but in the case with Interlink I had the opportunity to speak with a person who is responsible for the Interlink development in Pamporovo. He told me that Bulgarian dreams refuse to transfer any money to Interlink and this is the reason for the bad condition of the company. As a lawyer maybe You know about the court case going on between one of the shareholders of Interlink and the company. Because of this case there is a ban for entering any changes in circumstances of the company in the Trade Registry. I am absolutely sure that the development can be completed without delay withot these problems. I spent several days in Sofia exactly after the holidays, been in Kavarna to see the development, been in the Interlink office which appears to be false, and get on course with the things.I heard that the first case againt a BD company is won by Dynamic Solutions, I hope that all cases willbe successful because the law is on our side. If someone has any doubts to start a court case,forget them!
    Regards to all!

  • Rob McHarg 18 January 2009 Reply

    Dear Milen, (re Iskar development in Sofia)
    Thank for you for all the work you have done providing advice to people tricked by BD.
    I seem to be a little behind others and only decided to ring in late December to check on the Iskar development (I didn’t see any Iskar buyer questions). The answer machine said they’d be back on Jan 15 – but no reply when I rang back.
    Do you have any info on the Iskar or of someone I can ask re Iskar? I have paid 3 instalments and half of the furniture costs.
    I will take your advice and look for a lawyer. Unfortunately I no longer live in the UK so will have to look for one here in Switzerland.
    Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

  • Dario 19 January 2009 Reply

    Calling all Cedar Lodge I, II and III owners. We are currently forming owners’ groups to make a group claim.

    Please email me at darren@offplancollective.com or visit the website http://www.offplancollective.com

    Bulgarian Dream are a disgrace and XX Jenkins will deserve what’s coming to him…

  • Karla 19 January 2009 Reply

    @Rob McHarg. Hi Rob, I’m trying to get in contact with others who have bought in Iskar, Sofia to discuss situation. Please contact me at karlanne99@gmail.com

  • lindy sykes 19 January 2009 Reply

    Please anyone who like me, has bought on windows to paradise and paid fully, also for the furniture package, and all maintenance charges contact me and advise me where you are with the property, whats happening, if we can all get together we may stand a better chance of getting our monies back. Any help would be appreciated.

  • marisa schofiled (orchard) 20 January 2009 Reply

    I have just tried to ring Bulgarian Dreams to see where i am at with my purchase to find their phone number no longer exists – I have paid ?25’000 and they have the bulk of that money – im not sure if my final installment has been passed on to the developer. If anyone else has bought from the orchard contact me at marisajshoes@hotmail.com – im at a loss as to what to do –

  • Deon van der Merwe / Christo Rootman 20 January 2009 Reply

    Hi Lindy, please get in touch, we are in the exact same situation as yourself. Email is deon3250@hotmail.co.uk.

  • Christo 20 January 2009 Reply

    Could someone relating to Windows to Paradise let me know what legal course is to be taken against the developer. I paid my unit in full, and have not received the title deeds, ect. Please advise if their is a lawyer representing owners to institute a legal case against the developers/Bulgarian Dreams.

  • John Ryan 20 January 2009 Reply

    Hi Lindy,

    I to have also brought in WTP phase 1. I’ve got one last payment to pay which was suppose to be paid on the 10th of this month and that would have been it paid complete, including furniture. As I can’t get through to Bulgarian Dreams and when I’m trying it’s saying that the number is invalid I’m not paying it. Have you got your title deeds? I was suppose to get mine in Feb, but as I can’t get through to my solicitor that BD put me onto. I going to get Milen to fight my case for me. When was the last time you spoke to BD?


  • Karla (again) 21 January 2009 Reply


    Due to London number going awol after Xmas I think more and more folks will find themselves in the same situation. The sofia office is actually operational to some extent, I got a response yesterday from customercare@bulgariandreams.com from an email I had sent over Xmas. I reckon they are understaffed and getting swamped.

    If anyone lived in the London area, I suggest calling down to the office to see if it still exists, I would love to know.

    Rather than everyone swamp Milen’s blog here with SOS calls, as Darren said above, please check the boards at


    which is full of other BD purchasers in your position. You can dicuss your particular complex there. You can leave messages on public boards and if you can prove you are a purchaser you can join the private boards for your complex.

  • Steve G 21 January 2009 Reply

    Hello Marisa et al…..I also have purchased a unit at the Orchard (D Block – phase2). I just stumbled (fortunately) across this blog today after searching on the web for some info on BG after could not reach their landline in London. I say fortunately as I have been trying to get an answer from them re when my second payment is due which now does not seem like a very good idea. Obviously now concerned after reading some of the comments posted by others. Not sure what my/our next steps should be but hopefully via thi blog we will get some good input.Out of interest which phase have you bought into? ciao steve

  • Russell Jones 21 January 2009 Reply

    I am a member of a group fighting to get the Waterside Quay development completed. Bulgarian Dreams have turned their backs on us and basically disapeared having not released our 3rd installments to the developer, payed by all the people buying an apartment at this site. The developer is in the process of trying to sue Bulgarian Dreams and we have just discovered that their London office has been closed with no forwarding or contact information available for current customers.
    I suggest you do as we have done. Form a group with other people buying into your development, organise a joint solicitor and try to get somewhwere that way. You will get absolutely no where, trying to deal with XX Jenkins at Bulgarian Dreams, or any other menber of this disgraceful company.

  • phil 22 January 2009 Reply

    To all Iskar Central buyers. I’ve been told by the BD sofia office that we should receive paperwork for the last installment by the end of the month and that the building will be ready in March / April. Can anyone of you confirm this and who has heen out to visit the development?

  • Sean O'Mahoney 22 January 2009 Reply

    @ Claire Lee

    I am in the same boat, have bought in Phase 1 and transferred the monies in full and send all signed tranfer deeds and documentation to storning EOOD, Diana Lazarova in Sofia, Bulgaria, but I am unable to get hold of them either, and as I undertand from all the posts, if we dont have the the title deeds, we dont have any case against them, if anyone knows anyone at this office to obtain our title deeds, please let us know, surely they cant be in with this whole thing, as they are solicitors ?
    I am also very interested in finding out about BD with helding the money for the WTP developement.I am also very keen to join forces with anyone who is willing to take this further, pease let me know who I shold contact to carry on with this ?

  • Jenny G 23 January 2009 Reply

    Hi Everyone

    My husband and I put down a deposit for WTP N55 4.500 gbp and also a 16,000 gbp for Museum House Sofia only received 25 pct in Sept 18 08 and have been fobbed off by BD XX Jenkins and Sadie who works in London office that was. My brother in law found out that the number which we all have been trying has been disconnected due to none payment. This money like all of us is our only savings and feel there must be a way of getting our money back, like someone suggested it would be great if we can all stick together and try at least to re-cooperate something. Thanks Karla for that bit of information regarding customercare’s email address

    I hope that everyone of us will get this resolved, we just stumbled across this site by pure luck and dont feel as if we are on our own. I hope and pray things will be resolved soon.

  • Jo Underhill (orchard) 23 January 2009 Reply

    We have used Storning EOOD the recommended lawyers by Bulgarian Dreams to complete the purchase of our apartment in phase1 of the orchard. I am unable to contact them for an update and at a loss what to do. All our installments/lawyers fees/furnishing and maintenance fees are paid but now unable to contact lawyer to obtain title deeds. Have you had any luck? Can anyone advise what or where to go next
    many thanks

  • Michaela 23 January 2009 Reply

    I have also purchased an apartment in the Orchard Phase 2/3 and have paid 50% deposit. I tried to contact XX Jenkins today for an update on the construction but there was no reply, he has obviously done a moonlight. Not sure what to do, is there anyone else out there who is in the same predicament who can suggest what to do.

  • chris oldfield 26 January 2009 Reply

    Museum house?sofia??.

    Myself and a close freind are(where) due a refund for part of a 40% deposit we paid for the above property that failed to even get off the ground, Bulgarian dreams gave us 1 enstalement of 3 late last year, we are still awaiting the further 2 instalments, we have paperwork showing that they were due to give us the instalments back but after the first we hit a severe lack of communication from the company THe alarm bells should have wrung then.

    Orchard house2??

    We are currently in total shock as to regards with this property as we totally paid for one appartment and 40% for the other, have they even started the build yet?.

    Due to our total lack of knowledge for any legal matters what should we do?
    Do we do as you said 1.You just wait and see how your money disappears into a suspicious Bulgarian construction developer and you do nothing about it.
    2. sue the developer and have the chance to get your money back.?

    If it is the latter then do you offer legal help? and what duration will this take and at what expence?
    is there also other people who are forming some form of groups as regards to these situations.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Darren Marlow 28 January 2009 Reply

    Can anyone help? My wife and I bought into P1 on the WTP months and months ago, and received a letter from BD saying they are no longer involved. We paid in full for the Property I22, and never received any paperwork about deeds or who we had to write to. Please anyone, can you help us?

  • museumhousebuyer 28 January 2009 Reply

    I have also paid a deposit on an apartment at Museum House and suggest that other buyers register at offplancollective.com. If you email admin@offplancollective.com the administrator will set up a section for Museum House as long as there is more than one buyer registered. (I am the only one at the moment).

  • Glaspers 30 January 2009 Reply

    We to have paid in full on WTP phase 2.
    We have no title deeds. Does anyone have any info on how or if we can get them?

  • Claire Lee 1 February 2009 Reply

    For Jo Underhill and others…. I have been trying and trying to get hold of the lawyers at Storning EOOD but have had no luck. I really dont know where to go from here. We have paid everything, ie 32000 euros and just dont know what to do. Can anyone help me?

  • Jo (orchard) 1 February 2009 Reply

    Claire – it has now become clear to me that Storning are actually BD’s solicitors so not a surprise really that they too have disappeared. I have contacted BD to ask for their assistance in contacting the lawyers THEY recommended but they so far have ignored my request. I have no choice but to now appoint a new lawyer and hope once the whole mess of the completion of my apartment is resolved then maybe i’ll have the chance to claim something back from the payment i made to storning.

  • Janice 3 February 2009 Reply

    We are in the same boat, purchased a property on the Windows to Paradise developement, F42.
    Paid out ?48,000.
    Work has come to a standstill, really don’t know where to go from here, have been in touch with Watchdog and left my story in the hope they may investigate the company.
    Can other people do the same? I think they are more likely to follow the story up if they realise just how many people this has affected. Would be great if we could all meet up and discuss it further.
    Wish I could help you further Claire, we also have the same solicitors as you.

  • Janice 3 February 2009 Reply

    Just been on Tonight programme website, (tonight@itv.com) and told my story.

  • Russell Jones 4 February 2009 Reply

    Sorry everyone. Bulgarian Dreams have now ceased trading.
    Check their web site.
    After closing their London office a couple of weeks ago and quietly sneaking away, they have now closed their web site.
    All there is, is a feeble attempt at an apology and a good luck in the future message to all of their clients.

  • Niki 4 February 2009 Reply

    I feel cross, angry, upset and totally sick. we have paid all the money for our Apartment for Windows to Paradise. We have bought the furniture pack and used the Solicitor Diana Lazarova. She has not answered her phone or email for the last 4 months. I have just contacted The Office of fair trading, can we not all join together and hire a solicitor to investigate “Berkeley Square trading” or bring criminal prosicution. After all this is theft and one big well orchestrated con.

  • JANICE 4 February 2009 Reply

    Hi Niki,
    I feel exactly like you, am in the same boat.
    I felt sick when I read Russels comment.
    What did the office of fair trading have to say?
    I’m a bit dubious about getting a solicitor, used all our life savings for this investment.
    Don’t want to chance paying out a huge amount again if there are no gaurentees we will win the case. That’s why i’ve given our story to BBC Watchdog and ITV tonight programme in the hope they might take up the case. I can only live in hope!!!!!!!!

  • Russell Jones 4 February 2009 Reply

    Hi all,

    The first thing you should do, is try and contact others from your own complex and form yourselves into individual groups for each development that you were buying into. You should then appoint a solicitor to act for the whole group which will help to keep the expense down and keep every one informed at the same time.
    I would suggest you use a Bulgarian law firm. Most British ones won’t get involved, and those that will, will charge a fortune.

  • Gillian Rattenbury 5 February 2009 Reply

    We have paid the deposit ?16.000 through BD What do I do now ! I havn’t got a clue

  • nw97761 5 February 2009 Reply

    Watchdog are reporting on Bulgarian dreams on this monday’s show. I suspect that is why bulgarian dreams have closed down!

  • Dave 5 February 2009 Reply

    Same boat here guys. Purchased in WTP paradise Phase 1 and have paid full amount. Can anyone give me a contact number / email so we can attempt to form a group please?? (if not done already)
    My email is superd@dublin.com.. any advice / help is much appreciated 🙁

  • Deon van der Merwe / Christo Rootman 6 February 2009 Reply

    Forgot to mention that Watchdog is screening our story and appeals and their investigation on Monday night on BBC1.

  • Neil Edwards 7 February 2009 Reply


    Below is an outline of our predicament. I would also be very interested to know if other people have complained about this particular company (BGP).

    We commenced the purchased an apartment in Bulgaria in August 2006. The apartment was due to be completed at the end of July 2007 per the Preliminary Contract. We initially paid ?1,800 on 31/08/2006 followed by payments of ?4,378 on 26/09/2006, ?6,874 on 26/10/2006, ?6,915 on 28/11/2006, ?8,646 on 27/02/2007 and finally ?5,207 on 10/05/2007. These payments were based on the projected completion date as well as the developer’s contractual obligation to inform purchasers in writing of any expected delays.

    As we stand at the moment, the development is still not finished and the agent, BGP in Bulgaria, is being very evasive with answers as to when it will be finished. The apartment we purchased is 13, Cotton Tree Beach Club in Byala, and the development can be viewed using the following link:


    I have made numerous attempts to contact the Managing Director of BGP (Nikolay Angelov) by e-mail and telephone. E-mails are never answered and when speaking to the admin staff in the Varna office I am always told he is not available.

    Consequently, with the delay now at 18 months, we would like our money returned to us plus 5% as per Preliminary Contract but it seems increasingly unlikely that this will happen given the evasive nature of the company.

    I would be interest to know if anyone else has had dealings with BGP and if Legal Action is a viable option to get our money back. We will watch Watchdog with interest on Monday.



  • Janice 7 February 2009 Reply

    FAO Deon van der merwe/ Christo Rootman
    You left a message yesterday with regards to a solicitor we can get in contact with, and also mentioned someone coming to London that we can meet up with.
    This message is no longer on the site, can you give these details again.
    Many thanks,

  • Janice 9 February 2009 Reply

    Have e-mailed Dave to maybe get a group together, hope others do to.

  • Janice 9 February 2009 Reply


  • Jason 9 February 2009 Reply

    sounds like you lot should have bought with MRI…. at least your properties would have been completed in good order. All the best and may the force be with you. Jay

  • Deon van der Merwe / Christo Rootman 9 February 2009 Reply

    Hi all,

    Can you believe they are still trying to con me out of even more money. Please see email below from Sofia based Bulgarian Dreams representative Denyo Stanchev. Please DONT pay any more money whatever you do!


    Hi Deon,

    I’ve checked in our data bases and there was an outstanding payment to the developer being due as of 17/12/2007. It amounts to EUR 22,635.90 and this is your second due payment for apartment B43. Please also make the relevant check with your preliminary contract, but this is how your apartment appears in our system.

    I also checked if the apartment was reserved again after the long pause of your silence. For some reason, it wasn’t reserved so it seems you are still in process of purchasing this apartment. I was advised that the outstanding balance could still be cleared using the details as follows:

    Account name: Berkeley Square Trading Limited

    Account number: 79134399

    Sort code: 20-32-06

    Bank name: Barclays Bank

    Address: 128 Moorgate, London

    IBAN: GB11BARC20320679134399


    The apartment should be finished at this moment, but the complex still misses some of its utilities that are to be granted exploitation licences by the council.

    Kind regards,


  • Deon van der Merwe / Christo Rootman 9 February 2009 Reply

    This email was received by Denyo today (09/02/09)after I contacted him trying to assess whether I still had any claim on my apartment having only paid 30%.

  • Deon van der Merwe / Christo Rootman 9 February 2009 Reply

    Judging by what I saw on Watchdog tongight about Windows to Paradise, the place looks derelict and I will not pay any more money into this apartment. Please e-mail me at deon3250@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to know more about my dealings with Bulgarian Dreams.

    I have also bought an apartment in the neighbouring Thracian Cliffs development, which I must admit has been absolutely great so far! The golf course is taking shape and my unit is almost complete in the Marina Village. But now there is the white elephant next door which in its uncomplete state looks a bit like a white elephant!! What a scam!

  • Barry 9 February 2009 Reply

    Hi all,room for another one .Pretty much the same as everyone else,paid in full for j21,furniture package,maintenance fee,still tryin to get hold of the deeds.I’m also going to contact watchdog and tonight show

  • Keith Baker 9 February 2009 Reply

    Hello, I have purchased an apartment in Cedar Heights 3 in Pamporovo. I have paid the full amount and have the deeds, where do I stand? I am expecting to be no better off thanm anyone else from what I have read on here. I intend to phone the AIPP tomorrow to get information from them and to see about getting in with a group to hire a lawyer to try and get money back. Cedar Heights 3 is complete, but no power connected yet. I did get reply from Interlink bg who said they were waiting for money from other clients to be able to get the power connected!

  • James 10 February 2009 Reply

    Hi guys..Just saw watchdog and that is just the icing on the cake. I can not walk away and let XX Jenkins enjoy spending my 36.000 euros which I invested in THE ORCHARD development…I am all up for joining or helping start a case against these guys…If there is anyone who has started please let me know? if there is not one I have found a great bulgarian lawyer based in london and so far with advice she has been amazing and got some great contacts in bulgaria and would either lead a case or help get someone to do it. Hopefully it would cut costs down significantly if we get as many as possible against these guys!!
    Would be good if we could all meet asap and get a plan together as the longer we leave it the less chance we have of getting anything back..

  • Matty dread 10 February 2009 Reply

    Dear me – buying off-plan in a far flung, former eastern bloc country is beyond my logic. Well at least most on here didn’t re-mortgage their UK house. Did they??

  • Matty dread 10 February 2009 Reply

    I saw the Watchdog programme last night – by the looks of things the developers have at least thrown in a few feral cats per apartment…

  • Mick Goodie 10 February 2009 Reply

    Did anyone on this blog watch this programme in the UK about Bulgarian Dreams?

    In an effort to try to get the Watchdog programme viewable for all, this first link is to the BBC Watchdog site where the relevant article on Bulgarian Dreams set up in a ‘you tube’ type format and played direct (thanks Stewarty!):


    This second link is to the BBC iplayer site where Watchdog can be played direct or downloaded to your pc:


    The guy who was on the Show “Chris from Peterborough” I know from some years ago when I was in the RAF, and would like to hopefully
    get him in contact with some people on this blog to see if you can resolve the mess that you are in.

  • Mick Goodie 10 February 2009 Reply

    Not too sure if you can locate any further info from companies house on “Berkeley Square Trading Limited”. But here is the URL


    sorry ref my earlier post, email me at goodline@mail.com

  • Milen Hristov 10 February 2009 Reply

    Ok, I have some new information for you:

    • Windows to Paradise is discontinued for indefinite time. The partners of the company have an argument for something (profit shares, maybe?) and the court has issued an order that no General Meetings are convened for indefinite time. This means that the developer of Windows to Paradise is torn by quarrels within and therefore unable to develop WtP for now.
    • WtP developer is virtually “blackmailing” the buyers. Although you have paid even your notary fees, Intelink demands that you pay them again. Think carefully, if you have requested a receipt for the notary fees!
    • One of the solicitors of BD is quitting. This leaves me with the impression that there is only one solicitor who is responsible for several BD developments. The communication may go very slow.
    • I would like to repeat that group claims are not possible (or possible but in restricted circumstances). No matter if you have formed groups, each of you should think of individual actions. Only buyers with title deeds can file group claims (assuming that the group members are 50%+ of all owners)
  • Janice 10 February 2009 Reply

    Hi Milen, If group claims are not possible, how much am I looking to pay on my own?
    I read somewhere that all purchasers that have gone past ACT 15 have a good chance of winning their claim.
    What is ACT 15 and how would I know if my purchase has exceeded this?
    I have paid amount in full, furniture package, notary fee and solicitor fee and as far as I’m concerned was only waiting on the Deeds.
    The last time I spoke to my solicitor she said they were waiting on Catasral plans!!!
    Janice Burton.

  • Milen Hristov 10 February 2009 Reply

    @Janice: Your expenses depend on what you actually want to do: to get the title deed or to get your money back.

    I have explained what is Act 15 HERE. As you have paid almost everything, do you have receipts for that? I mean a statement for each particular expense (e.g. notary fees xxx Euro, maintenance fee xxx Euro etc.)

    Is your solicitor from Storning EOOD? Id so, guess who is the owner of Storning EOOD – IT’s Maria Georgieva. Yes, the same one who is co-owner of Bulgarian dreams. It’s a public information and can be checked in the Commercial Register.

  • Janice 10 February 2009 Reply

    Hi Milen,
    We are fighting now to get out money back as I don’t think this developement will ever be finished.
    We have receipts for payments made, my solicitor is from Storning EOOD, so was hoping someone could recommend a decent solicitor.
    Until I know roughly how much this could cost and the outcome being a success I’m very dubious at taking it on.
    Do you know of anyone that has taken them on and won?

  • MARK ATTWELL/MARK KEMPTON 10 February 2009 Reply


  • Glaspers 10 February 2009 Reply

    We have paid in full but have no Title Deeds.Should we pay more money out (that we do not have)to get them.
    Are they only available through Interlink?
    As for receipts we have e-mails for final payment and that Title Deeds are on the way(ha ha)
    Can you please advise us if we should pursue Title Deeds with the news today about Interlink problems?
    Many thanks.

  • Deano 11 February 2009 Reply

    Hi all

    My business partner and I have bought a flat in the orchard phase 1 back in 2006. The developers are breach of contract due to the time delays. Our Solicitor Milen has so far been really good. He is helping us take the developers to court and try to get us our 20k outlay back! fingers crossed! Good luck to all of you!!

  • Billy 11 February 2009 Reply

    Hi, I have got a Bulgarian solicitor who tells me that I need physical proof that I paid my money for my Windows To Paradise G52 apartment to the developer. The only proof I have is that I paid Bulgarian Dreams the money & that they forwared the money on to the developer. My solicitor is saying that I can’t take the developer to court without this physical proof of payments & I have had no luck in obtaining this from Bulgarian Dreams. My contract clearly allows me to cancel the contract as terms haven’t been met by the developer so what are my options. Thanks

  • Julia Doherty 11 February 2009 Reply

    Hi eveveryone,
    This is Janet again on behalf of my friend Julia Doherty. Did anyone see the rather depressing ‘watchdog’ programme on tv on Mon 9th Feb? Julia is in the same poisition as many of you having paid in full for the property and also for maintenance and furniture. We went to Balchik last August and the property was just as it looked on ‘watchdog.’ She still had no kitchen although the furniture had been delivered. Julia does have the deeds to her apartment, but doesn’t know where to go from here.

  • Julia Doherty 12 February 2009 Reply

    Hi on behalf of Julia Doherty again. She was wondering if someone could suggest a time and meeting place near London one weekend in the next few weeks to meet up and discuss where to go from here. Maybe everyone could join forces to pay for a solicitor as suggested by Janice (if it doesn’t cost too much)
    Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.

  • Alan Smith 13 February 2009 Reply

    Dear Buyers

    l have noted your problems as revealed on watchdog, it is unfortunate and gives Bulgaria,its systems, a bad name. I am not a buyer as l am in commercial developments however l met Mr Jenkins and his wife a few years ago and l am aware of their last known private address if you need to track them down, serve claims etc.

    l am very happy to explain the location but as it does not have an exact address number it is easier to explain. Mrs Jenkins is Bulgarian and is close to her direct and indirect family hence the location of their private residence , which you may be able to attach in legal action,

    if l can assist email me at eaicsmith@yahoo.co.uk

  • karencreasey 13 February 2009 Reply

    help have fully paid wtp phase 1 buthave yet to complete can it be done

  • karencreasey 14 February 2009 Reply

    have bought and paid for apartment at wtp still don not have deeds though. Surely if we have section15 and get a reputable
    bulgarian lawyer this can be achieved. Any advice would be appreciated please.

  • Janice 15 February 2009 Reply

    Hi all,
    Have seen a solicitor today, can anyone that has paid in full and that have not yet received deeds get in touch with me.
    I also have an e-mail address of someone that has paid part of the payment and is seeking people in the same position that wants to fight for compensation.
    If you do not act your apartment may be sold on to compensate those that are starting court procedings.
    I have more info with regards to cost etc.

  • Janice 15 February 2009 Reply

    As above my email address is jlb@blueyonder.co.uk

  • Fred Cameron 16 February 2009 Reply

    The only way to get our money back is to trace the developers and their directors and to take legal action as a group. If the situation is similar to the UK it seems the company could allow itself to go into administration and go bust and that is the real risk but you need an address to issue proceedings and to know there are assets you can claim or find the bank with money . It could mean us all adding money to get it finished by appointing a new builder we can trust. F D Cameron

  • Milen Hristov 17 February 2009 Reply

    Hello to everybody.

    Here is a link to the first Watchdog, dedicated to Bulgarian Dreams:

    @Janice: The receipts you have from Bulgarian Dreams are sufficient evidence in court if you have them on paper. Another proof of payment is an excerpt from the bank transaction records.

  • Deon van der Merwe / Christo Rootman 18 February 2009 Reply

    Any investors from WTP in Ireland please get in contact with me. We have roughly 60-100 investors in the UK who have now formed a group to tackle WTP issues. I would be very keen to get the Irish contingent on board too. Email: deon3250@hotmail.co.uk


  • Milen Hristov 19 February 2009 Reply

    Some advertising of legal services have appeared in mybulgaria.info forum. Just want to warn my readers and clients, not to trust in full those advertisements! As explained above in this thread – buyers CANNOT act as group IN COURT unless they have their title deeds! Buyers without title deeds WILL NOT be able to join a group in court proceedings in Bulgaria and subsequently will not be able to benefit of cut court expenses.

    The ones who don’t believe me, let them have a second “BD experience”.

  • Milen Hristov 19 February 2009 Reply

    you can see the latest Watchdog episode about BD here:


  • museumhousebuyer 19 February 2009 Reply
  • Marian Doyle 20 February 2009 Reply

    We too have bought in the Orchard Phase 2. Have just come across this site. It would appear there are lots of groups forming. I manage a group called The Orchard Action Group Phase 2 and 3 on google groups. It is part of a bigger group called the Orchard Action Group (TOAG) owned by Ashley Barnett a purchaser in Phase 1. If anyone would like to join please get in touch via google groups, membership is growing daily and we are taking legal advice recognising we need to act soon.

  • Andrea Schuurman 21 February 2009 Reply

    My sympathy goes out to all who are having troub les with Bulgarian Dreams,I couldnt beleive what I was reading and the problems that everyone is having. I want to answer a question that was raised on Watchdog where it was “asked was this company bad news from the beggining”, the answer was not clear cut. We bought with Bulgarian Dreams in 2004 in Sunny Beach in Favourite complex and Summer Dreams. We had a totally proffesional service from them, both apartments completed one we use ourself the other has a rental contract everything went as it should and I held this company in such High esteem. Something went wrong to make it turn Bad and I wish you all the best in having a successful outcome. Andrea

  • mb665 21 February 2009 Reply


    You quote “buyers CANNOT act as group IN COURT unless they have their title deeds” not that I don’t believe you, can you tell where I would find the legal evidence that this is indeed the case? I am hearing so many conflicting views from different sources but nobody actually backs things up with any proof!

  • Milen Hristov 22 February 2009 Reply


    I’m not going get in details, it’s a matter of trust to your lawyer. If you are so keen to know, read the Bulgarian Civil Proceedings Code, chapter “Collective claims”.

    By the way I will be interested to see a “reputable” law firm getting your money for group claim and having the group application even not heard by the court.

  • Neil 25 February 2009 Reply

    I also have paid full price for an apartment on wtp p1 , i think i have article 15 and the title deeds.I have only email receipts for my payments from bulgarian dreams. From my records i can only find a signed annex to the preliminary contract,although i still have to check a previous address for more records.can not believe the extent of my stupidity an would appreciate any advice.

  • DDR262 26 February 2009 Reply


    Not a Bulgarian Dreams victim, but another developer, however this may affect BD buyers too. I want to understnd a bit more aboute inchoate lien.

    Initially I used a lawyer recommended by the Seller and I hold an advise of debit which is signed by my bank that the money has been debited from my account with the recepient being the lawyer’s account. The lawyers have then sent the money onto the the seller’s account but I only have the transmission receipt of this, it is not an advise of debit showing that money has actually been debited from the lawyers account, however I know that the developer has got the money because ofcourse they have been trying to pressurise me to make the final payment and sign the title deed despite of their non-performance of contractual obligations. I have evidence of their non-performances and evidence that it would be difficult to recover the money even if I was to win the case.

    But my only query is around the the transmission receipt for the money transferred from the lawyer to the developer. Is the transmission receipt, and letters from the seller chasing me for final payment enough proof for the judge to see that the developer has got the money and that I have a right for claim for the judge to grant seizure of the developers assets/inchoate lien, or must I have a receipt from the developer himself?

    Please advise.

  • David Jennings 27 February 2009 Reply

    As far as I know the first rule of any litigation is first to establish that the party you intend to sue has the funds to meet your claim. As a buyer in the Orchard, my lawyer has checked Smart Partners BG extensively. Currently they only own the land and property for the development in Bansko which is mortgaged to the bank. I cannot believe they have any money in the bank given the loan outstanding which they must be paying interest on. As such, what credible chance do any owners have of getting any money back from the company especially after paying legal fees and waiting for months?

  • Richard 1 March 2009 Reply

    Andrea Schuurman asks ‘what went wrong’ to make XX Jenkin and his lying wife ‘turn bad’ – The answer is simple: PURE NAKED GREED.

  • Gillian Brown 2 March 2009 Reply

    We have our deeds, but no Act16 as yet. Snagging and landscaping not done. A two year delay. We have refused to pay our maintenance fees until it is done. They threaten us to remove security and disconect our utilities. We have already paid a deposit for our utilities. What should we do?

  • Darren 5 March 2009 Reply


    I see you’ve now signed up to http://www.offplancollective.com. Welcome to the site! We now have 630+ users online, many of whom are owners with similar problems. Particularly those who bought through Bulgarian Dreams.

    I would urge all owners to sign up to the forum and share issues and concerns with fellow owners!

  • Sunday Times 16 March 2009 Reply

    Sunday Times piece –

    I am a reporter for the Sunday Times Property section and I am trying to get in touch with people who have lost money they invested in Bulgarian Dreams developments. If you have been affected, please get in touch with me by emailing anna.mikhailova@sunday-times.co.uk – your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    Best wishes,

    Anna Mikhailova

  • bala gopal menon 23 March 2009 Reply

    i am an inestor in Waterside quay through Bulgarian Dreams. since the situation is requiring legal action against them and Laguna Invest (the developer) i would appreciate if any one can give me their opinion and if possible we can talk about collective action to get back the amounts paid.

  • Billy 27 March 2009 Reply

    Hello Milen Hristov.
    I posted a question on the 11th Feb 2009 at 2,27am. I would be grateful if you could advise me on the following. On your reply to Janice on 17th Feb 2009 you state the receipts with have from BD are sufficient evidence in court if we have them on paper. My Bulgarian solicitor says we need physical proof that the developer recieved the money from Bulgarian Dreams. I’m confused now so could you please help to clear matters up for me. Thanking you for your time

  • Peter Willingham 30 March 2009 Reply

    Can you help please? Deposit paid for “Museum House” in Sophia with Berkley Sq Trading c?12K 07 – “developer could not get planning permission” they said late in 08 Finlly got first tranch refund end last year – 3 more due c?8K. In the circumstances can U help get refund? or suggest someone who can?
    Many thanks for reading this.Peter

  • Susan 27 April 2009 Reply

    I feel awfully sorry for all the problems you are having with Bulgarian Dreams. We think this was a scam from the beginning. As I used to work close to its London office in Moorgate, I actually went to inspect the office. I’m so glad I did. Either Berkeley Square trading or Bulgarian Dreams didn’t exist in the building.

  • RKennedy 13 May 2009 Reply

    Hi all!
    First, the letters received from BD confirming that money was transferred to the developer do not have any legal force in Bulgarian court. Obtain documents from your bank showing that you have paid to the bank account of Berkley.
    Second, I am addressing the following rows to Mr.Jennings: Yes, the land and the apartments are the only properties of Smartpartners, but you are wrong to say that they are mortgaged. Some of them are not mortgagaed now, but there are bans put on them. Also, from serious source I have information that the developer has starting selling apartments in the complex to third parties ( most of the sales were on April 14). Mr.Jenkin is sending now messages to all Buyers in an attempt to stop all legal actions against him trying to make us believe that he can helps us and behind our backs he is selling apartments to third parties and will take from us the chance to start even legal actions.

  • Milen Hristov 13 May 2009 Reply


    1. The receipts signed by Bulgarian Dreams ARE valid evidence in the Bulgarian court. Remember, the developer has explicitly agreed that the price will be transfered through Berkley Square Trading. This means that the developer implicitly has agreed that they will recognise payments through an intermediary. If the developer states that they haven’t received anything, they should sue Berkeley Square Trading. So, my point is that you needn’t to worry about that evidence.

    2. You are right about RJ deceiving again the buyers. I pity those who believe him. A second fraud by the same man about the same subject – it is too naive to be true. Alas, it is.

  • RKennedy 18 May 2009 Reply

    Hi Mr.Hritov,
    You will agree that it is a better option to obtain 5 pages of documents from the bank proving that I have paid to Berkley than staying and hoping that the court will approve the receipts from BD. The question about suing Berkley will never rise if I prove payments to the account of Berkley.

  • Paul & Julie O'Neill 6 June 2009 Reply

    It isn’t just Bulgarian Dreams tha thave been taking investors money. MRI have been doing exactly the same even though they are a worldwide company. So how is this fraud allowed to happen especially as they are now part of the EU. We have lost ?26,000 + ?2,000 deposit not to mention the money we have and are still paying for mortgage taken out to buy the property since Feb 2008. the rental was supposed to cover the mortgage cost, but this has never happened. We are left with nothing but a dept thanks to MRI. We now have the long legal battle to try to get it back, can you give any advice.

    Many thanks

  • Michelle 1 July 2009 Reply

    Hi Mr. Hristov

    I’m from Roumania and a year ago we, my husband and I, buy a studio in Sunny Beach.I already paid 22 000 eur /40 000, but we can not fulfill contractual obligations and and asked the seller to return the money.
    He said that we give back, because it was so stipulated in the preliminary contract, 30%, meaning 10 300 eur. I did a paper and signed by him and me which he is obliged to repay until 30.06.2009 , 10 300 eur.Now he no longer answer the phone and we do not know, if this money we will see sometime back, or, how to do, if we win in a court in Bulgaria?

    Please, if you can answer me.
    Many thanks

  • Francisco Martin 3 August 2009 Reply

    Hello, I paid 10000 euro, first installment in WTP.How can I get my money back ? My contract says if on July 2009 apartment not ready, I have right to claim for money back

  • inso 18 August 2009 Reply

    hm, I worked there….there’s a lot more to it, they also made us the employees sign the contracts with the poor people instead of someone with actual stake or law education in the company and lie to them that they can get a fast return on their investment via rent…which is simply ridiculous BS considering the state of Bulgarian economy!
    They also got you to sign 2 contracts- 1 for you and 1 for the BG government, so that they scam the Bulgarian government out of tax money. The scam has not yet even been reported to the authorities or investigated by any agency. We the employees were too afraid of the family owning the business- a Bulgarian wife and a UK husband to do anything about it/money usually defines the outcome of court decisions in Bulgaria/. Needles to say…I got out of there the same month, I started work. And now I see they’ve closed down their business. But why shouldn’t they? They’ve already made millions of pounds.

  • inso 18 August 2009 Reply

    PS> oh…and btw the furniture u got with the apartments was also a scam…it was practically made out of cardboard and not worth the price of over a thousand BGN at all. And yet in my one month work period there, tons of people purchased the furniture pack despite my hints warning them not to do so. The actual price of the time was less than those now offered by stores like Akia and amounted to not more than 400 BGN./where as people paid around 1700 BGN/

  • inso 18 August 2009 Reply

    PPS> Btw the great web site was maintained by just one person in BG/heheh/, the hole database of people scammed/customers :)/ was online via a paid database service. If anyone cares to search for it go ahead, don’t remember the name of it.

  • inso 18 August 2009 Reply

    One last thing..yes they Mariya and XX/the couple who owned the company/ are close friends with all the developers. The money went to Bulgarian Dream…mostly into new Mercedes’ for Mariya and new clothes her mother Siyka/who btw was contrary to the expected a nice person/ Don’t bother to look for it with the developers.

  • inso 18 August 2009 Reply

    Last thing I promise: Chepishev is one of the Developers not mentioned here- he was close friends with the family and is known as a rich grey economy dealer in BG/no surprise there he-he/ owns his own restaurant up in the more expensive Sofia Regions of Boyana.

  • mark cowley 15 December 2009 Reply

    I am owed 30000euro from Luguna Invest for property at Belchik i.e Waterside Quay, I have waited to see what will happen, its time to pursue through the courts, what is the best route

  • C J C 3 March 2010 Reply

    Well, it is amazing how things go round full circle. I knew nothing about these problems, but came here January 2010 looking for a holiday home, saw and made an offer for an apartment in Cedar Heights 1 Pamporovo. I sat in England waiting for the paperwork to go through and should be signing on the 8th March, until a friend sent me a link and all these problems unfolded. Cedar Heights 1 & 2 does have Act 15 but not 16 and who knows when? Tell me, can the seller sell, can I buy? Could I live there? Would I be subject to a bank takeover, or paying money out to pay debts and make good the complex? What happens to apartments that sit empty for years and no Act 16 issued?

  • Ian 28 June 2010 Reply

    hi, i bought in phase3 the orchard, paid deposit 3yrs ago, have had rude emails from RJ and said dont care what tou say/want i will not contact you again and ban you from our sites, i have had no contact from anyone 1year ago, can someone help me? can i join a group or advise on a lawyer with success, thanks Ian

  • Alison 13 September 2010 Reply

    Hi, i like ian bought in phase 3 of the orchard and paid my deposit about 3yrs ago, had heard bulgarian dreams were having problems, but recently been getting emails from RJ and thought everything was getting back on track. I would also like to maybe join a group so we can go forward together and maybe try and get our deposits back! thanks alison

  • gerry mills 22 September 2010 Reply

    hi ian / alison . like you i bought into the orchard , phase 1 . should have been ready september 2007 . still waiting . if you would like to contact me at
    gerrymills1@btinternet.com . i shall forward info that may help . gerry

  • gerry mills 5 October 2010 Reply

    lots of the comments on here say what i think, that robert jenkins and family are crooks .i you have evidence PLEASE contact me . there are lots out there who have paid 100% only to have their property resold .

  • Sinead Clarke 23 January 2011 Reply

    Hi My name is Sinead myself and my husbsand bought in Bulgaria it is called Pomorie elite resort in pomorie ,in 2006 we have paid over sixty tousands euro to a man called Krisamir of company dublin ood owever he says our apartment is finished yet the building is not there is no road to it. It is over two and half years late. He keeps ringing and making threats that we will not get our money back and it will be costly for us. He is way out of breec of contract and he will not give us any compensation or speak to any lawyor not even his own one where do you think we stand with court? Thanks Sinead

  • Kelvin Kingsley 24 May 2011 Reply

    Help – Does anyone know what or anything about the recent court judgement/ award against Interlink BG. I understand the owners group of windows to paradise successfully sued and won a court judgement and asset blocking order against Interlink BG. We need to speak with MR Chapman the person that headed this legal action against Interlink BG. We are the owners group for Cedar Heights Phase I and II Pamporovo. Also if any owners/ buyers for this development have not made contact with our owners group please contact us at skibookings@live.co.uk

  • Vincent Murphy 1 June 2011 Reply

    Hi Milen,

    Is it still feasible to sue the developers of Windows to Paradise for re-inbursement of our deposit towards an apartment?

  • Jo Rees 31 July 2011 Reply


    Not sure if anyone can help with this but my husband was purchasing a property through Bulgarian Dreams at Waterside Quay. The property was orginally due to be completed in 2009. After the collapse of Bulgarian Dreams we just wrote off the money we had paid and expected to never see the apartment finished. We have however now received a correspondence stating that Act 15 and 16 have been completed and we should pay the final installment. After our bad experiences we don’t even know if we want the property anymore and are concerned we may get ripped off by the maintenance charges etc. Does anyone know where we stand ie do we have to pay the final installment and complete on the purchase?

  • Pete 13 September 2011 Reply

    Hi, I am an owner at Cedar Heights 3 (bulgarian Dreams), and i would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had any success in taking the developers to court thank you pete.smith80@yahoo.co.uk

  • Lisa 6 October 2011 Reply

    Hi, similary we are owners at The Orchard and would be interested to hear from anyone who has had success taking the developers to court or from any groups that are set up to take them to court thank you lisa@lisastonehouse.co.uk

  • Bela 4 January 2012 Reply

    This Mr. Nicolay Agelov (director of BGP) is may be the same one, who did the financial scams with the Sakura Financial Group and now with the Keizai Group.

  • Ben martin 5 March 2012 Reply

    Anyone else on here with problems with Bgp cotton tree apartments byala please get in touch

  • Pi sedoff 22 August 2015 Reply

    Anyone know where I can find Mr Jenkin?

  • Dee Hanbury 17 September 2016 Reply

    I’ve heard recently from someone who heard on the TV that the Banks are or have returned the deposits paid for Bulgarian Dreams/Smart Partners properties.

    Anyone else heard anything?

  • Dorothea 15 January 2017 Reply

    Hi, we purchased in Two Rivers Bansko from BDB Ltd and got our Title Deeds. However, despite the complex being completed and our apartment furnished, the utilities were not connected to the building. As we did not have water or electric we were unable to use or rent it. That is approx 10/11 years ago and to date, we have not slept one night in our apartment. I am planning a visit in the near future to ascertain the position. I had heard that the Developer opened the complex and is running it as a hotel – the purchasers paid for the building of this complex and most of them (all except 6) have not been given their Tittle Deeds. It is indeed a disgraceful situation which has been allowed to happen by a Government in a Country which is supposed to obey the rules of the EU which it joined in 2007. The EU Parliament should not allow this to continue and should seek to address the corruption in Bulgaria and gain redress for the many Europeans who have invested their hard earned money/savings in this Country. I would be perfectly happy to get my investment refunded at cost and forego the potential rental I could have achieved from the property over the past 10 years. Anyone out there in the same boat who has purchased in Bansko – any news on same????

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