Compulsory liquidations delay for unknown reasons

The Commercial Register Act was clear enough "all companies which don't re-register by 01.01.2012 are subject to compulsory liquidation by the state". 1st Jan has passed and there's no sign of the Registry Agency to have initiated any liquidation. There is even no official statement, neither to the public, nor to all the liquidators who are listed with the Agency.

Naturally the Agency don't respond their officially announced phone numbers (more than 10!), nor they reply to official emails. Now that's what I call public service.  That comes with no surprise, having in mind the 6th Feb 2012 Interim Report from the European Commission where EU criticises the Judicial reform as lacking any progress. The Registry Agency is part of the Ministry of Justice so no wonder there is no sign of applying the law..

When initiated (hopefully sooner), the liquidation will create huge mess. The database web servers of the Agency are not prepared for the huge document traffic that will be generated. Resent statements by the Agency confirmed their IT power cannot handle huge network traffic and date processing. That was confirmed in practice yesterday, where the website of the Commercial register stopped functioning for one whole day. Whole business sector just seized to function for one day.

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