Costs after obtaining EU transport license in Bulgaria

Every company, registered in Bulgaria can obtain EU transport license. The company needs to meet certain requirements before it applies to the Executive Agency "Transport Administration" for license. There will be additional costs, besides the one for issuing the license. After the license is obtained, the company should (if not already) manage the truck/buses registration in the local Traffic Police office. The following approximate expenses per vehicle will occur:

1. Applying new registration plates - BGN 100 or EUR 50
  1. Registration of tachograph - BGN 120 or EUR 60

  2. Technical examination of the vehicle - BGN 50 or EUR 25

  3. Translation of the documents for the vehicle - BGN 80 or EUR 40

  4. Road tax for Bulgaria - from BGN 1000 to BGN 1300 per year or EUR 500-650 per year.

Total amount: BGN 1650 or about EUR 844

The above paperwork has to be done after the company gets the transport license. Not all of them are mandatory if the trucks are bought or leased in Bulgaria. Our solicitors in Varna are pleased to provide one-stop-shop for starting an EU licensed transportation company. We can offer:
  • transport company registration
  • VAT registration and accounting services to transportation company
  • obtaining EU transport license in Bulgaria
  • registration of the trucks/buses and the equipment with the respective authorities
  • providing legal and accounting assistance in negotiating with lease companies and banks.
  • drafting/amending transportation agreements with partners/clients
  • dealing with insurance companies regarding transportation damages/accidents

The lawyers and accountants at MHLegal  are qualified for dealing with all of the aforesaid matters. We can help you establish your local Bulgarian transport company with no hassle.

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