Court case against Bulgarian developer won by MHLegal

Our law office has initiated more than 10 similar cases against Bulgarian developers. The cases are at different stages and proceed with different speed, depending on the court workload.  However last week we got the first court resolution. The court awarded our British client with the amount of EUR 35,000 plus expenses, penalty and interest on the awarded amount.

Another client of ours also claimed his money back (almost 80,000 pounds) and we were at the middle of the court proceedings, when the defendant -developer- agreed to reimburse our client with a finished house at the Black Sea coast (act 16 included). The current market price of the house is estimated to be around  80,000-85,000 pounds)

In both cases above, the clients claimed their money back due to a huge delay in the construction of the purchased off-plan property. If you have similar case, we can help you get your money back. You can contact our law office at the following email address: . Just outline your case and provide scanned copies of the relevant documentation.

If you want to know more  about the court case process, please read this article

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