Factoring market in Bulgaria

During the past few years, construction development boosted the economy of Bulgaria. Many companies were registered and trading not only in Bulgaria but within the EU too. Factor financing began to make its niche in Bulgaria. Several banks opened their factoring subsidiary companies, and taking their share of this undeveloped marked. UniCredit Group (Italy) shows:

The factoring market in Central and Eastern Europe is growing in annual increments ranging between 20% to 40% from country to country and should maintain this pace over the next couple of years.
That numbers should ring the bell in most enterprising investment companies and funds. Usually Bulgaria is underestimated due to the small market. However, remember, that most of big Western European companies have subsidiaries, here, in Bulgaria. this means that the financial opportunity may not be as small as it looks at first glance.

Moreover, as now Bulgaria joined EU, invoices issued by Bulgarian companies, can be easily processed by western accountant offices. Consulting factor funding in Bulgaria, is one of our leading legal consulting areas. Having in mind the legal specifics of contractual and debt collection law, our lawyers are able to provide any foreign investor with the right answers to their questions.

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