Get rid of my company's debts

Banks in Bulgaria are competing which one will offer the best "bank product". This is a result of the property boom during the last years. A lot of small and average sized companies are applying for bank credits in order to improve their market positions: increasing the production by purchasing high end technologies, bigger advertising campaigns etc.

There are, however, people who register companies just to gain quick but illegal profit. After foundation of their business, they apply for bank credit in several banks. If the company offers some kind of security (e.g. mortgage, promissory note) banks easily approve the credit line.

Once the owner of the company obtains the funds, the company is sold to another person, who usually is socially disabled, who doesn't even have his own home to live in. Of course the company is sold legitimately. It's just the funds from the bank, which are not being transferred to the new owner. In short, a company without any assets.

After few months after the credit installments stop, the banks begin to research what have happened. They see that the company has a new owner and they immediately file lawsuits and engage law enforcement agents to collect their money.

Unfortunately the law in Bulgaria is that if the debtor doesn't possess anything, the creditor can't do anything about it. This is the workaround how some people got their fortune in Bulgaria.

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