Go Eastern: Bulgarian country houses

Over the past three and four years, foreigners have come to Bulgaria searching for a peaceful place to relax or to spend the retirement years. Most of these foreigners come from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. So many people couldn't be wrong about their impression of the slow-paced life in Bulgaria's countryside: it's relaxed with breath-taking natural beauty. There even are villages in Bulgaria, where nearly half of the households are English (eg. Beliakovetz, near the city of Veliko Turnovo).

However most of the people who want to buy a holiday house or a family house, seek properties via real estate agencies in their own countries. This greatly raises buyer's expenses. Subsequently these agencies work with affiliates in Bulgaria, who also charge a fee. Additionally each affiliate recruits real estate agents and lawyers who also charge fees.

The whole go-between chain is unjustified and raises buyer's expenses. The buyer could spare those expenses if they chose a local Bulgarian lawyer to find the appropriate estate, to organise and prepare the purchase deal. The lawyer is to charge a single fee which si much smaller compared to the overall sum of fees charged by the chain of mediators.

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