Hiring HGV drivers from Bulgaria

truck drivers from BulgariaHiring HGV drivers from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia etc) can be a major benefit for any UK or Irish haulier. The obvious reason for this is the lower wage the HGV drivers from those countries will agree to take and the time spend on the truck will be more compared to their Western European colleagues.

How to hire HGV driver from Bulgaria

First of all, make sure your country allows Bulgarians to be employed. UK will allow Bulgarians to be employed as from beginning of 2014, so if you are a UK company, you might want to wait few more months.

However, there is easier way which is available now - it is to make a Bulgarian subsidiary of your company and get a EU operators licence for your Bulgarian company. This will save you a lot in terms of cheaper truck insurance (its about £1500/year in Bulgaria) and no UK road tax. If you wish you can call us on 00359 52 605997 or email Milen Hristov to milen@mhlegal.eu to get more information about obtaining operators licence from Bulgaria.

If you decide to get o licence from Bulgaria, you can register your trucks on the name of the Bulgarian company and then hire Bulgarian drivers (or any EU citizen as a general).

Benefits for hiring HGV drivers through a Bulgarian company


  • Bulgarian legislation doesn't require work permits if you employ any EU member state citizen. This reduces the paper complications and bureaucracy costs.
  • Bulgarian basic truck driver gross wage is €300/month. This means that in case of legal complications your expenses will be much less. Normally compensations in Bulgaria are tied with the employment contract wage.
  • Paying the basic wage doesn't mean your drivers will receive only this. There is a legal way to pay them properly and still keep all other costs to the bare legal minimum.
  • Bulgarian legislation is quite favourable to the employers. If your employment contracts are drafted by an experienced solicitor, there will be no problems and legal complications when you release drivers from their position.


It's hard time for the road transport industry, so the details in this short blog post should provide some ways for your business to cut operational expenses and take advantage of the EU legislation, yet staying completely legal. Call out office at 00359 52 605997 or email to milen@mhlegal.eu for more details and quotes for getting your EU operators licence from Bulgaria.

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