How's court decision taken in Bulgaria

We've just found a great article in The Economist about scientific research of what influences judges for taking a particular decision. It turns out that "Justice is what the judge had for breakfast" indeed. In our litigation practice we can confirm that this is indeed true. Moreover, we can add some additional factors pushing the course of the court resolution - this is:

  • judge's attitude towards the parties lawyers;
  • if the judge is overloaded with cases;
  • if the previous case parties have made him angry;
  • if the judge was sleeping well the last night etc.
It's all human factors which influence court decision in Bulgaria and which sometime breaks a party's life. Last but not least (even more significant than the previous ones) it's the corruption. The judicial system of Bulgaria is sill encapsulated and  if you're close friend to the judge you can get whatever court resolution you want - the judge will always find a legal way to justify their resolution.

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