If your company is subject to compulsory liquidation

The deadline for re-registration has passed. Now all companies that have failed to meet the deadline will be liquidated. Most Britons have registered companies as holdings of their property in Bulgaria. the compulsory liquidation will put their properties on tender and will sell them before the company is closed. So what they can do?

Make sure you have someone to check your company file on a regular basis. This way you can find who is appointed by the Commercial register as a company liquidator. Once you know his details, you can contact him and discuss with him the options to transfer the property to the company owner without actually putting it on tender. This is one of the options the Commercial Act gives to the company owners i.e. instead of cashing the company assets, the liquidator can distribute the assets to the shareholders after he has paid the liquidation expenses, taxes and liquidator's remuneration. you need to be persistent on this, since not every liquidator will agree to do it. Therefore it is advised that you hire a solicitor to negotiate on your behalf.

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