New company or off-the-shelf company in Bulgaria

Off-the-shelf companies are not popular in Bulgaria. This is due to the fact that additional accounting expenses are involved. Off-the-shelf companies are dormant companies with nominee directors/shareholders and a registered business address in Bulgaria. The additional expenses are for filing annual tax declarations and annual accounts in the Commercial Register. Having the baove in mind, foreigners and Bulgarians, prefer to register a brand new company, rather than buy off-shelf one. Moreover, registration of a new LLC in Bulgaria takes just about 2 days.

If you intent to buy a startup business, having its first months behind, then you can buy that enterprise in two ways:

  1. Buy the shares of the company via signed and notarized agreement or,
  2. Bye the whole enterprise i.e. everything except the company name. This also will be done through a written and notarized agreement.

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