New to Bulgarian rural life: ask the mayor

If you are a newcomer to Bulgaria and a proud owner of a rural house deep in the country, soon you will face the differences between the Bulgarian and the western type of life.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the structure of the Bulgarian local governance. Each settlement which has population over 500 people has the right to elect its own mayor. In settlements with population less than 500 people: a deputy-mayor is appointed by the Municipal Council.

An old Bulgarian saying says: "The most important persons in the village are the mayor, the priest and the teacher". Nowadays, what's left of it is the authority of the mayor.

The village mayor is the most informed person of what's happening in the village. So if you need a do-it-yourself (DIY) man who will help you with your reconstruction matters - the mayor of the village is the one to ask. Whether a paint job is required or you just want to get rid of the garbage, you just have to ask for an unemployed person who will do this for you.

Usually a DIY man will charge you on a daily basis: about 20-30 Levs per day. But be careful, do not hire people who look suspicious. Always listen to the advice of the mayor: he/she can tell you who has the most appropriate skill that you require.

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