No cabotage restriction for own account operators

going around cabotage in UKIf you have problems with DVSA or have lost your Operator's licence in UK or Ireland we can bring you back in business under Bulgarian O-licence. This route is successful only if you are not breaching the EU cabotage rules (e.g. 3 local jobs within 7 days, following international journey).

Transportation on own account

However if you are not working for hire and reward, Regulation EC/1072/2008 provides some specific rules for you. Before we move to the rules, we need to specify who qualifies for "own-account operator". The test is in Article 1, paragraph 5, point (d) of the said regulation. In general you need:


  • to own the goods you are carrying
  • the purpose of the journey need to be to move the goods out of your premises (owned or rented)
  • the drivers need to be employed by you
  • to own/have rented (without drivers) the trucks
  • such type of journey need to be supplementary to your main business


Unrestricted cabotage in UK

As we said above, if you work for hire and reward, you can't do more than 3 local jobs in 7 days. After you do that, you need to physically bring the truck out of UK/Ireland. This restriction doesn't apply to own account operators. The piece of legislation which allows you to work freely as own account Bulgarian O licence holder in UK is Article 8, paragraph 6 of Regulation EC/1072/2008, namely:


"6.   Permission to carry out cabotage operations, within the framework of the types of carriage referred to in Article 1(5)(d) and (e), shall be unrestricted.


As you can see, if you are moving goods on own account, you can safely use the Bulgarian O licence option, we are providing. We will help you register your UK trucks in Bulgaria and we will obtain a Bulgarian O-licence for your Bulgarian company.

We are specialised transport law firm (road/air/sea) and unlike other accounting or consultancy companies, our services are based on detailed legal research- both legislation and EU and domestic case law.

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