The new rules for transferring real estate or motor vehicles in Bulgaria.

20 Mar 2024

New rules for notaries come into force this year, which will have a significant impact on transactions related to real estate or motor vehicles.

According to the latest legislative changes, effective from 03 May 2024, a new process for verification by notaries will be introduced. They will have to carry out an electronic check in the NRA to establish the presence or absence of enforceable public obligations of citizens who want to transfer real estate or motor vehicles. Notaries will have access to information about all the person’s obligations, not just those relating to taxes, duties and mandatory social security contributions. That is, all obligations established by the NRA, as well as those presented by an external claimant for enforcement in the NRA at the time of the inspection.

If liabilities are established, the sellers will have two options - either to pay their liabilities or they will have to declare in writing that they agree to have their public liabilities discharged from the amount against the transfer. Also, a new obligation will arise for the buyer, namely to deposit the due amount into the relevant budget. The buyer’s obligation will be expressly recorded in the notarial deed/purchase agreement.

This legislative change will lead to a greater success rate and increase in the collection of public receivables and will eliminate the obligation of citizens to submit declarations of the absence of outstanding public debts.

What does this actually mean? It means that if you are selling a property or car and you have unpaid insurance, taxes or fines you either have to pay it all off before selling your property/car or agree that these debts be deducted from the price you will receive for the sale. The notaries will strictly monitor this, because if they miss it, they will be financially responsible for the fact that the Tax Office will suffer damages.

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