Online company registration in Bulgaria

The Commercial Register offers a service called "online submission of applications and documents". The feature of their website is available from the very beginning, but was not working properly for a couple of months. Fortunately, now we can use it to submit all kind of company documentation including:

  • documents for (re-) registration of a company
  • documents for changes in a company
  • annual financial statements
  • winding-up and liquidation etc.
In order to use the online feature, you need a digital signature (DS) issued to you by an official certified DS provider in Bulgaria. The price is usually around EUR 50. The Digital Document and Digital Signature Act stipulates that the state authorities of Bulgaria have to accept DSs issued only by a certified Bulgarian DS authority. Using the DS with the Commercial Register is fairly easy: you must fill out a web form, attach scanned copies of the necessary documents (regarding the registration or to the changes you want to make in your company) and then the Java applet takes care of the digital undersigning of the application and the attachments.

Unfortunately, the feature "online payment of state fees" is not working, so you have to do it the old-fashioned way: through a bank deposit and then scan the receipt and attach it to the online form.

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