The Bulgarian parliament has extended the deadline for company re-registration. The new deadline is 30 June 2011. The bill for extension is not yet voted on the second hearing and not yet promulgated in State Gazette . However it is a matter of time this to be done.

This is good news to all companies that hasn’t been re-registered yet. However it is not a good idea for company owners to wait to the end of the new deadline.  Ask your lawyers to prepare all necessary documents and re-register your companies. In our practice we face various obstacles for re-registration like missing documents, deceased shareholders, shareholders’ disputes etc. So generally it is a good idea to start the re-registration as soon as possible, because you never know if the process will go as smooth as you thought.

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  • Stefko :) 12 December 2010 Reply

    Я, бутонче шеър ин фейсбуук, твитер, линкедин си сложил 🙂

  • Cynic 28 December 2010 Reply

    I see that the GERB amendment extending the time limit by one year has been adopted – the Cabinet was only asking for 6 months.

    Do you think that this places Bulgaria in further breach of the obligation under the Companies Directives to have details of all companies on a central electronic register, an obligation that should have been implemented 3 years ago?

    Like your blog by the way.

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