Scam property agents in Varna region

Varna is one of the last places where the property scam didn't appear until now. The development companies have been looking secure and reliable, until the recent months. Our lawyers in Varna started to receive complains about developers breaching their contracts, failing to provide completed property withing the agreed term, according to the preliminary purchase agreement.

The typical contract breach is the delay in completion of an apartment and ownership transfer. This is where our Varna lawyers come to place. Upon clients request and engagement, our Varna lawyers contact the developer and establish the reasons for the breach and the reason for lack of communication between the buyer and the developer. Usually, the reason is the lack of funds for completion the property. The developers, however, don't explain that in plain English (even don't bother to explain at all) this tot the clients.  They just ignore the communication and hide like criminals. This criminal behavior is due to the fact they can't fulfill their obligations and of course they think since the buyers are living abroad, they will just forget about the money they have spent on the particular investment.

Often in this case, the only way to get a full refund is to engage a lawyer, practicing in Varna region. We will initiate legal action immediately, having your investment secured in terms of law requirements. You need to know that each individual case is treated separately, depending on the amount of your investment and on the particular developer. Some developers are more cooperative than others.

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