Procedure for registration of short-term employment of posted workers-citizens of third countries

20 Dec 2023

Seconded foreign workers can perform certain tasks without a work permit, only a one-time registration with the Employment Agency is required.

Seconded workers and employees-citizens of a third country carry out labor activities on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria only for the specific host enterprise, which has submitted a declaration to the Employment Agency before the start of employment.

The procedure for registering short-term employment of posted workers from third countries in Bulgaria involves several steps and required documents. Here is a summary:

Necessary Documents for Registration

  1. Declaration according to the model. The declaration is submitted in 3 original copies, with the attached documents described, signed and stamped by the employer. On the back of it is a list of foreigners, with their personal data, and the declaration explicitly states the place of work in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  2. Declaration of the employer that the working conditions are respected ;
  3. Copy of the page of the travel document with the photograph and personal data of the worker - citizen of a third country;
  4. A copy of the contract with a foreign company for the provision of the service, which is the basis for accepting the seconded person, certified by the parties to the contract with a signature and seal;
  5. Legalized according to Bulgarian legislation, a registration document legitimizing the foreign employer - party to the contract;
  6. Confirmation letter from the foreign company - employer, legalized according to Bulgarian legislation, which certifies the employment relationship with the seconded worker, specifies specific tasks to be performed, determines the period for secondment and guarantees the payment of the labor remuneration and coverage of social security costs and health insurance for business travelers.

Registration Process

Timing The registration of employment for posted workers should be completed within a 10-day period from submitting the declaration for short-term employment.

State Fee No state fee is applicable.

Requirements for the Bulgarian Employer The Bulgarian employer must not have outstanding obligations to the National Revenue Agency (NRA) and should not have incurred penal provisions for violations listed in the law on labor migration and labor mobility in the past 12 months.

Duration of Posting The posting period can range from 3 to 12 months

If you need assistance in issuing permits for short-term employment of workers from abroad or posting workers from third countries to Bulgaria, contact us and we will help you.