The new Companies register entered into force on 01 January 2008

As from 01 January 2008, a new Companies register started in Bulgaria. Pursuant to the Commercial Register Act each company registered in Bulgaria have to re-register. The latter action is necessary because the company information have to be moved from the Court Register to the new Companies Register. There won't be any due state fees if the companies don't make changes to their status. If you, for example, want to increase your capital or replace your Manager: that will be treated as a change in the company's status and a state fee will be due.

Some of the main new features of the Companies register are:

  1. Basically it will be possible to register a company for less than a week.
  2. The location of the authority where you have to submit the registration documents is not bonded to the registered address of the company.
  3. It is possible to register a company and to make changes to already registered company via the Internet (digital signature ("DS") issued by a Bulgarian DS provider is required).
  4. Reduced amount of state fees
  5. All state authorities will not require certificates of good standing any more. They will check your company's status via the Internet.
  6. The Companies register is accessible via its Internet site. The information in companies' registration files is freely accessible.

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