Trade Register not working in crucial moment

The deadline for announcing the company financial reports on the Trade Register reports will be over in 3 days. As usual, the Registry Agency is not prepared for the massive load of application that will follow. Not that they didn't expect it. It's the third year of the obligation for announcing the company annual financial reports, so the Agency apparently has a real short memory not to remember the bad experience from last year and the year before.

As expected, the website doesn't work! Hundreds of accountants and solicitors are not able to submit the accounts because the agency didn't bother to upgrade the servers and the broadband internet connection. Or may be they just don't care? I still don't understand how such important website can be out of service, even when it expects hundreds of submissions.

The alternative of offline submission is not acceptable too since the long queues take forever to pass through the Agency front desk. Usually one person holds applications for a dozen companies. Moreover, the submission system is so twisted, that the front desk gets the papers and enters them into the same web system that doesn't work for the clients directly. Isn't that going back to 19 century? And the newly elected president talks about e-government? How Bulgaria can do that with such ignorant administration?

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