Unconscientious Bulgarian workers take advantage of the British expats

The British community in Bulgaria expands very fast. Most of the family couples buy countryside houses in poor condition and usually major (re)construction works are necessary before one can live in such house. The new owners hire local construction workers to do the rebuild but do not realize that sometimes they can be taken advantage of.

The British (or any other) expats must keep in mind that each assigning of construction works should be in writing. This shall secure the owner of the house in case of any unconscientious actions taken by the worker. And even more, if any damages are caused by the worker, the owner may require not only a reimbursement, but even a penalty if agreed.

The owner should ask an English speaking  lawyer to draft an agreement if the construction works are at a great scale and therefore a lot of funds are invested. It is better the agreement to be drafted bilingual. This will ensure that each party understands its rights and obligations.

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