Truck licences

Haulage Regulations

Assistance in obtaining International and Domestic passenger and goods licence. Challenging road penalty notices in Bulgaria, imposed on foreign drivers and companies.

aircraft operating certificate

Air Transport

Aircraft operator licence, airline licence, aircraft wet and dry lease contracts, appealing Bulgarian CAA penalties, Regulation 261/2004 passenger claims.

ship register, ship arrest

Maritime Law

Ship and boat registration in Bulgaria, EU cabotage, ship arrests, Fisher licence.

railroad licence, rail network

Railroad Law

Railway passenger and cargo companies legal advice and representation.

Our solicitors practise in the courts of the Republic of Bulgaria, and since Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union, they have also been welcome to practise in EU courts. We have the extensive solicitor experience, knowledge and training required to provide highly effective legal representation.

Should your aim be to save costs on fees when buying real estate in Bulgaria, please check out what you should be aware of and details you should keep in mind.

Our solicitors’ main fields of expertise include: legal advice on buying/selling of property in Bulgaria, regardless of where the property is located; company registration and liquidation; inheritance and wills of UK/US expats, who live in Bulgaria; rental and other contracts; execution of promissory notes; litigation against defaulting developers, assistance with bidding on auctions for distressed properties etc.