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You will receive email response to the email you have specified in the form below. The legal advice will include explanation to what legal action you can undertake regarding resolution of your case. The legal advice will be according to the effective Bulgarian legislation as of the day of the legal advice. If our advice includes recommendation for out-of-court actions, claim submission or other litigation actions, we do not bear any liability if you undertake the aforesaid actions yourself, or through representation by another lawyer, not member of MHlegal law firm. Before receiving the email,containing the legal advice, you need to make the payment of EUR 60, using one of the availiable payment methods. Once we have received your payment, we will send our legal advice to the email you have specified in the request form. Any further advice or legal actions request will be charged separately. Our advice in the email that you will receive is limited to the conclusions specifically set forth in that email and will be based on the completeness and accuracy of the facts, assumptions and representations that you have provided. If any of the foregoing facts, assumptions or representations is not entirely complete or accurate, it is imperative that we be informed immediately, as the inaccuracy or incompleteness could have a material effect on our conclusions. In rendering our advice, we are relying upon the relevant provisions of the current legislation in Bulgaria, the regulations thereunder, and the judicial and administrative interpretations thereof. These authorities are subject to change, retroactively and/or prospectively, and any such changes could affect the validity of our conclusions. We will not update our advice for subsequent changes or modifications to the law and regulations or to the judicial and administrative interpretations thereof.By submitting the form above, you agree to these terms of service.