Notaries in Bulgaria not aware of the regulation on buying land by EU citizens

It has been half an year since EU citizens are allowed to buy regulated land on their personal names. Initially notaries in Bulgaria, refused to certify deals at all. Their fear was of how one can interpret the EU Accession Treaty if there is no explicit article in the law. By "explicit", I mean one that a 1st grade child could understand and explain. Well, there were no such thing, so notaries were very cautious (groundlessly). I've heard people complaining that notaries have denied certification of regulated land deals even after 1st Jan 2012.

Notaries get instructions

Slowly but firmly, the Notary Chamber have circulated instructions that the notaries shouldn't be afraid to apply the law. Backed up by their professional organisation notaries proceeded and the deals were "unleashed". Nevertheless I still meet notaries who put ridiculous requirements like "the foreigner should declare that the property is his/her second home". It doesn't make any sense. The "second home" rule was bound to the limitation of buying regulated property. Now since the limitation doesn't exist, there is no need to require any information connected to a "second home".

[2016 update] Notaries in Bulgaria now watch for farm land restricted purchases

It appears now the notaries in Bulgaria have established a normal practice to certify title deeds for buying regulated properties by EU nationals. However a very controversial bill has been passed by the government and adopted by the Bulgarian parliament. It basically contradicts Bulgaria's obligation to open its forestry and farm land for buying by EU nationals. There are current restrictions on buying farm land in Bulgaria by EU nationals and even by limited companies established by Eu nationals. All notaries are strictly watching about such facts when they certify title deeds in Bulgaria.. There is a legal loophole to go around this restriction and if you are interested, please email Milen Hristov, our principal lawyer.

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